5 Things to Know About The Private Life of Living Doll, Valeria Lukyanova [PHOTOS and VIDEO]


Ukrainian Internet sensation, Valeria Lukyanova, has an interesting life growing up and how she maintains her current self. Before the scrutiny, the fame, and the surgeries, she already had an uncanny way of getting by.

Valeria Lukyanova is famous all around the world because of her looks that resemble the iconic Barbie Doll: her doe eyes, platinum hair, and ridiculously slim and curvy figure. Lukyanova is adored (and scrutinized) by many for her perception of beauty, but the mixed reactions from followers don't not stop her from expressing her want to become a human doll.

1. Valeria had "cool parents."

Brought up by a mother who worked for the military sector and a builder dad who part-times as a DJ, Valeria had a colorful childhood. She said before that her love for music rooted form her father's influence and her mother's collection, that is why she uploads videos on YouTube singing opera and performing her original compositions.

2. Valeria had a huge doll collection as a child.

Since a little girl, Valeria has always had a fascination with dolls. At a young age, she already owned more than 50 dolls which she displayed in her room. Her fixation gradually inspired her to model like dolls, ultimately giving her the persona she has today.

3. Valeria won a beauty pageant in 2007

The human doll joined and won a beauty pageant in Ukraine back in 2007, where she competed with girls who also underwent plastic surgeries. Called the "Diamond Crown," plastic surgeons encourage their patients to join the contest to showcase their "work." See the video below for footage from the pageant.

4. Valeria had her breasts surgically enhanced

Though denying any other form of plastic surgery, Valeria truthfully admits that she had her breasts done to "become perfect." This shows how she sees beauty, and some say it was not necessary since her body is slim and tiny. She says that her doll-like features are done through detailed make-up artistry and tricks she shares through her YouTube video. Though this is still questionable, the human doll stands by her beliefs. 

5. Valeria undergoes drastic diet processes to achieve her figure.

In a Russian interview back in October, the human doll says that for four months, she only consumed juices to cleanse her body and rid unwanted fat. "For the last four months I've been on a liquid diet and then I plan to drink only water," admitted Valeria. She also says that going under a raw meat diet makes her look thin all throughout the year.

"After that I will live only on the prana. For many years I was on a raw food diet, but for deeper spiritual practices I need to improve myself." added the human doll.

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