5 Things to Expect From Google I/O

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With the upcoming Google's conference, developers are excited what the company plans to offer in several business ventures. There are five things that these developers can expect from Google this conference.

New Version of Android

Some reports moving around is the updated version of the Android software called Lollipop. This could be a huge update as far as 4.0 operating system, KitKat, is concerned. It will also include the functionality of Google Now where the search giant personal assistant could be used with third party apps.

Quantum Paper

According to CITE, Quantum Paper is a new design framework projected to work with all the Google products and devices. This suggests the new design would be creating an integrated user experience across all Chrome devices, tablets, browsers, smartphones and Google apps showing consistency.

Wearables And Smartwatches

When Google announced it would be launching its Android Wear, the developers were encouraged to start working on different apps and software that could work on the wearable. There are rumors the company will unveil an Android Wear smartwatch manufactured by LG in the upcoming conference.

Even Motorola's Moto 360 uses the new OS and it is one of the sleekest wearables. According to CNET, Samsung is taking the opportunity of announcing its own Android Wear smartwatch using the I/O conference.

Google Glass

Initially, the Google Glass was only introduced in the limited areas of the U.S. Later, it has extended its parts in the U.S. as well as UK. Google is likely to update on this Glass as earlier this month. The company unveiled new partners for its Glass at Work program, which includes Wearable Intelligence and Augmedix-firms that concentrate on meical applications.

New Version of Nexus Tablet

There are rumors indicating the launch of Nexus 9 tablet that might get revealed in the upcoming conference. According to the sources, Nexus 9 tablet will be manufactured by HTC and include 8.9-inch 2,048 by 1,440 display, 2 GB RAM, stereo front-facing speakers and an Nvidia 64-bit Tegra K1 processor.

As far as the pricing of the tablet goes, $399 is for 16 GB version and $499 is for 32 GB model. With an additional cost an LTE version will also be sold.

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