5 Sports Stars Who are Also Into Other Sports

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Michael Jordan admitted to wearing cargo shorts at a Miami Beach golf club but he says this is the first time he knew of their dress code.
Michael Jordan admitted to wearing cargo shorts at a Miami Beach golf club but he says this is the first time he knew of their dress code. REUTERS/Jason Miczek

Although several notable athletes have established themselves in their respective sports, not many fans are aware that a few exemplary individuals actually thrived in more than one. Some of these legends made their mark in two or more areas, garnering awards in these sports and being regarded as the greatest on more than one occasion.

1. Bo Jackson

Jackson was excellent in both football and baseball. He was the No. 1 pick in the NFL but chose to play professional baseball first. He became an All-Star in baseball then proceeded to play in the NFL. He had a hip injury that ended his football career then returned to play baseball, becoming the comeback player of the year.

2. Jim Thorpe

Thorpe is arguably the greatest multi-sport athlete in history. He played basketball, football and baseball and was a pentathlete and decathlete. He played in the MLB and professional football as well as garnered gold medals in pentathlon and decathlon. He was also the first president of the NFL.

3. Michael Jordan

Jordan is deemed as the greatest NBA player in history. When his father died in 1994, he signed into a minor league baseball contract with the Chicago White Sox and then played for its Double-A minor league affiliate, the Birmingham Barons. In 1995, he returned to the NBA with the Chicago Bulls and won six championships in total thereafter. He announced his second retirement in 1999 and then returned in 2001. He played his final game in April 2013 wearing the Washington Wizards uniform. Jordan is currently making the news with golf, where he also, not surprisingly, is doing very well. 

4. Manny Pacquiao

The eight division boxing world champion has already etched his legacy in the history of boxing and continues to do so today. However, the Filipino boxer has other sporting interests: basketball, in particular. In June 2014, Pacquiao announced that he will be the head coach of the Kia Motors expansion team in the Philippine Basketball Association. Between the coaching job and an active boxing career, how does he manage?

5. Tracy McGrady

McGrady was best known for his years playing in the NBA for the Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic. He then retired and played baseball with the Sugar Land Skeeters as a picher. In just four appearances, he had an ERA of 6.75 and achieved a no-hitter before retiring from the sport.

Another notable sporstman who also should be mentioned is Spanish tennis superstar Rafael Nadal, who loves golfing so much that he admitted at one time that the wanted to switch to it when he was injured back in 2005.

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