5 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips and Tricks You May Not Know

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Got the latest phablet from Samsung or planning to buy one this holiday? Learn some of the tricks in using the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 wowed Aussies at a fancy launch event in Sydney early this month as the device finally hit Australian shores.

Samsung's phablet made quite a buzz overseas since its release last August 29 at the IFA Event in Berlin, Germany. It boasts some amazing features such as incredibly fast processor, massive screen display, S-Pen and 4G/LTE connectivity. Below are the comparison of the specs and features of the two devices.

Many critics and reviewers doubt the appeal of the phablet at first. However, its massive screen display and other features attracted consumers.  Samsung Galaxy Note 2's S-Pen also lured buyers to purchase this smartphone-tablet hybrid device.

The Galaxy Note 2 has a tag price of $899. At the launch event, Samsung demonstrated some special perks of the device for Aussies. The device will offer a split-screen mode on the smartphone-tablet hybrid, which allows users to open two apps at a time.

In a recent report, a spokesman from Samsung said that Galaxy Note 2 surpassed that 5 million mark after it went on sale worldwide.

Below are some of the tips and tricks in your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that proved to be helpful for the effective and efficient use of the device.

Prolonging battery life - Although Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with the powerful 3100 mAh battery pack, constant use will easily deplete the power of the device.

The Power Saving app can help you prolong the battery life of your smartphone as it manages everything from the active applications, to CPU speed, to the background, to the web browser. It is all easily accessible via the hidden pull-down screen.

You can also turn off the 3G and S-Pen detection to save some precious minutes in your battery life. You may experience slow internet connection; however, you can turn it on when you are surfing the net.

More and more storage - Samsung's phablet is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants with expandable storage up to 64GB. The best way to save games, apps, music, video and work is to buy a relatively cheap 64GB MicroSD card.

The Galaxy Note 2 lets you sign up to a 50GB DropBox account in under a minute. Once signed up, files can be accessed from practically any device anywhere and anytime in the world. DropBox's Share function also lets you share files and folders with friends and colleagues, making collaboration very easy.

You can also use external drive for additional storage. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can be connected to your computer via the included USB cable. Once connected, it appears as an additional drive under My Computer or on your desktop on Mac. This means it can also be treated as one, with you being able to drag and drop files like you would on a flash disk.

Video multi-tasking - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 allows you to pop-out the video while it still playing and overlay that on top of your "work" so you don't miss anything is very innovative of Samsung. However, the Note 2 does not support all file formats, but this was quickly remedied by going over to the Google Play store and downloading a media player like MX Player.

Block calls - The blocking feature under Settings will restrict calls that you specify, you can specify the name, number and time that you don't want to be disturbed.

Idea sketch - One of the best things that happen is it comes with S-Pen. Just jot down what you feel like sketching and the Note 2 will detect your handwriting and bring up hundreds of sample images for you to trace or color-in.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is now available for preorder in the major Australia carriers.

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