5 Richest Dead Celebrities in Hollywood

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Well, it is indeed morbid to know that you are earning even though you are already six feet below the ground and yes, a list do exist.  Forbes magazine's regularly compiles and releases the list of celebrities who have been earning millions of dollars even though they are six feet belong the ground. They may have left us all but their names still remain in the things they have left behind. Here's the list of the richest celebrities off the grave.

Elizabeth Taylor, $210 mn

The screen legend tops the 2012 list when she pulled $210 million the previous year. The massive revenue came from the auction of her jewellery, costumes and art that took place in New York and London. It collectively brought a massive sale of $184 million. The most expensive was a $24.6 million painting of Van Gogh. She also has revenues from her "White Diamonds" perfume which made around $75 million. Just to mention that when she died in March 2011, she had a net worth of around $600 million.

Michael Jackson, $145 mn

We all know Michael's story to fame and fortune, but that doesn't mean that it stopped when he died in 2009. The King of Pop earned $145 million in sales. He still continues to collect revenues not only from his own material but from other sources, as well like the 'Thriller Live' Tour and Cirque du Soleil Show. The Michael Jackson Estate also earns half the profits of the Sony/ATV Music Publishing, which is the world's second-largest music publisher. 

Elvis Presley, $55 mn

After the King of Pop comes the King of Rock and Roll who earned $55 million. Though his show in Las Vegas, Viva Elvis, closed, the attendance in his estate Graceland has been pretty good. It may be a huge margin between the ranked second and third, but the fact still remains that Elvis died almost 50 years ago. Not too shabby huh.

Charles Schulz, $37 mn

The creator of Peanuts earned $37 million. The comic strip has been raking up $2 billion a year globally. Fox announced that Charlie Brown and his gang are coming to the big screen and could boost him more in the coming years.

Bob Marley, $17 mn

Yes, reggae guru Bob Marley earned $17 million and is ranked 5th in the 2012 Forbes list. He has been selling over 72 million albums in the past 20 years. Though not known to venture a lot of products during his life but in addition to his music sales are the recently added Marley Beverage Company and House of Marley. The former is home to the "relaxation drink" known as Marley's Mellow Mood while the latter produces eco-friendly audio and lifestyle products.

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