5 Reasons Why the 'No Poo' Trend Is Hot In Hollywood -- And Why It Could Work

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Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

The "No Poo" movement stands for "No Shampoo", and several Hollywood stars are joining the bandwagon. The trend is followed by stars like Adele, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Simpson and Nicole Scherzinger among others.

But what is the big deal about not shampooing? Is it even hygienic? Here are reasons why it could work out. 

1. It is easy

The basic approach is to not shampoo your hair. Some people simply use water when washing their hair while others use natural or herbal products to cleanse their healthy mane. It is more convenient to many and saves a lot of time.

2. It reduces hair damage

Many celebrities realised that many of the hair products they use can actually damage their hair and scalp. When washing with shampoo, the natural layer on the scalp is removed, thereby exposing it to several irritants and external agents. Skipping shampoo allows the scalp to produce its natural oils at a slower rate, thereby preventing greasiness.

3. It prevents dry and itchy hair

Many shampoo products contain SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and SLES or Sodium Laureth Sulfate. In an article by Thehealthsite.com, these elements mix with water to create the bubbly lather and foam when shampooing hair. Continuing to apply these in the long term will lead to rough dry hair and itchy scalp.

4. It is for either sex

Male and female celebrities use the "No Poo" approach to protect their scalp and showcase a healthier and shinier mane. Actors like Robert Pattinson and Johnny Depp have been using the method for a while with good results. The beneficial effects apply to both men and women.

5. You can make your own natural hair cleanser

Hollywood actors are boasting of their own secret natural hair formulas, which serve as substitutes to regular shampoo. According to the Times of India, many of these homemade products contain natural ingredients like baking soda, apple cider vinegar, Indian gooseberry, aloe and other herbs that strengthen and shine hair. Hollywood actors are becoming more creative in their formulas and share these with friends in the business.

Simply wash the homemade formula with water. Even people outside of Hollywood can benefit much from the "No Poo" approach and use it for the long term.

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