5 Reasons Why iPad 5 Release Date is in September

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The iPad 5 release date is one of the most anticipated launches this year and many reports claimed that it will happen on September 10.

Although Apple hinted that the new iPad models will arrive later than sooner, many reports have pinned that the new iPads will be unveiled in September along with the highly anticipated iPhone 6.

One evidence on this is iPad retailers and resellers are already exhausting their current stocks of iPad models. Moreover, Apple has not been replenishing the supply of retailers that have run out of stocks.

Another proof is the iOS 7 release date. iOS 7 was in beta version since June and the roll out of the Gold Master version is speculated to come soon. The new system software will power the new line of Apple devices. Thus, the line up and timing is very right.

One reason why Apple will release the new iPad models ahead of the supposed schedule date is because of intense competition in the market. Rivals such as Samsung are scheduled to launch new devices in September. Apple will most likely counter the hype by releasing their set of devices as well.

Lastly, iPad 5 release date may happen anytime soon as more deals and discounts on iPad 4 and iPad Mini emerged. If you want to buy an iPad 4 or iPad Mini, there is a wide array of deals and discounts on the said devices that you can avail.

Apple executives hinted that iPad 5 release date will happen in early October. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in his recent interview said that "Our teams are hard at work on some amazing new hardware, software, and services that we can't wait to introduce this fall and throughout 2014."

This is seconded by Apple's CFO, Peter Oppenheimer, who stated that Apple will be very busy this fall due to a number of releases. He added that he will reveal more in October. This is the biggest hint of all subtly saying that Apple devices may happen in early October.

The iPad 5 release date will include an A7 processor, support for 4G/LTE connection and internal storage up to 128GB, according to Kuo. Rumour has it that the device will retain its 5MP rear camera although many Apple fans wished that Apple will upgrade it to 8MP.

However, Apple has not confirmed the rumours surrounding the iPad 5 release date.

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