5 Reasons Why ‘Gotham’ Could be a Hit TV Series in 2014


"Gotham" is one of the most talked about upcoming TV series from Fox. It gives a fresh perspective to the character of Commissioner James Gordon, from the popular "Batman" movies. It also examines the rise of some of the dreaded villains from the comic book world. Here are 5 reasons why the series could be a big hit.

Reason #1 - Action Packed James Gordon

Commissioner Gordon in the "Batman" movies is often seen as an honest cop in a city riddled with crime and corruption. He is often seen as helpless, when it comes to stopping the illegal activities in the city.

"Gotham" brings a fresh perspective of the character. He is seen as a young, gun wielding hero who is out to get the bad guys. Given the importance of the character in the movies and comic books, he may emerge as a new hero altogether.

Reason #2 - Rise of the Villians

Most of the time the movies do not have enough time to examine why the villains turned out the way they did, but "Gotham" will allow the fans to get a glimpse of the childhood of the different super villains.

Villains such as The Joker, Penguin, Cat Woman, Riddler and Poison Ivy are expected to feature in the series. Given the popularity of the "Batman" movies and comic books, fans would be interested to see the younger versions of their favorite villains.

Reason #3 - More Content for "Batman" fans

There is a great deal of popularity of the "Batman" movies and comic books. Movie producers may be finding it difficult to find fresh content to tell a story. One way they manage to keep the story line fresh is by featuring a new villain in each movie. "Gotham" may provide fresh content for fans without being seen as repetitive.

Reason #4 - Regular Cop Hero vs. Masked Superhero

"Batman" movies are generally focused on seemingly impossible feats by masked superheroes and super villains. "Gotham" tells the story of an ordinary cop who fights for justice without wearing a mask. There is the story of the rise of "Batman" and the villains in the background to keep the fans engaged.

Reason #5 - The Rise of "Batman"

There have been some concerns whether fans would like to see "Batman" as a kid, without the mask. But many of the fans would like to see the origin story, which traces the rise of Bruce Wayne from a billionaire heir to superhero.

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