5 Reasons Why ‘Dracula’ TV Series May be Cancelled

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There is a lot of talk about the possibility that the NBC TV show "Dracula" may get cancelled. The producers may have expected good response but the show has not lived up to the expectations of many fans. Here is a look at 5 reasons why the show may get cancelled.

Reason 1: Are they "Dracula" and Van Helsing?

Fans of the "Dracula" and Van Helsing characters have a certain image in mind when they hear these names. One goes around sucking the blood of beautiful young women and is looking to win over the hearts of a girl who looks like his long lost love and the other hunts vampires down.

The "Dracula" TV series portrays the vampire as an anti hero who wishes to take on the corrupt elite and save the world. But at the same time Jonathan Rhys Meyers is seen killing innocent women to satisfy his blood thirst. Has this portrayal left viewers a little confused emotionally towards the character? Is "dracula" an evil creature or a champion of mankind?

Van Helsing is seen more like "Dracula's" personal physician and a bit like a mad scientist, instead of a cross bow wielding vampire hunting action figure that many fans expect from the character.

Reason 2: Where are the Powers?

One of the main attractions to the "Dracula" character is the power that the character wields, like the ability to create mist, turning into a bat and the power to hypnotise people. Are the supernatural powers shown in the TV series been too low key for the viewers?

Reason 3: Science and Politics

Viewers for long have associated "Dracula" with the struggle of good against evil and the character is normally portrayed as someone who rejects God. This is usually the main theme of most of the vampire stories, movies and TV shows.

The experiment by NBC of making science and politics, especially of electricity and oil may not have been accepted by many viewers. Have the viewers rejected to see "Dracula" as a successful businessman, instead of a count who lives in castle?

Reason 4: Cast

Perhaps the producers should have considered a younger cast, especially to play sexual roles like Lady Jayne Wetherby played by Victoria Smurfit. Many fans do appluade the talent of Victoria Smurfit for her acting but have the producers cast her in a wrong role?

Reason 5: Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Perhaps the biggest concern for the producers would be the availability and performance of Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The actor reportedly has problems with alcoholism and substance abuse.

In spite of the growing negative feedback, the show does have a few supporters. Many even applaud the bold experiment of reimagining "Dracula" from a very different angle. But not all experiments tend to succeed. Will the show be cancelled eventually? This is a question in the minds of many fans.

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