5 Reasons Eva Mendes Could be Pregnant: Ryan Gosling to Be a Daddy! [PHOTOS]

Here are five reasons Gosling’s girlfriend could be pregnant.


The rumor mill is up and running once again. With a lot of Hollywood pregnancies, it's not surprising that Ryan Gosling's long-time beau, Eva Mendes be included in the list. With Eva's obvious absence from the "Gangster Squad" red carpet premiere, it looks as if there's a long list of reasons for her absence and a baby bump could just be it. Here are five reasons Gosling's girlfriend could be pregnant.

First off, Eva Mendes is known to be attached to Ryan's arm at all times during red carpet events. Surprisingly, Mendes was absent during the "Gangster Squad" red carpet premiere. Yet, Eva's clothes sure made it to the red carpet all thanks to Gosling's mother. Donna, Ryan's mother, dressed in Eva Mendes' clothes accompanied Ryan to the "Gangster Squad" premiere, Monday. Mendes' absence during the event could point out her being pregnant which of course the couple may have opted to keep under the radar - until now.

Given Mendes' obvious absence at the premiere, Eva has also been absent during important red carpet events such as the Golden Globes. Mendes is popular for making it onto the best dressed list for red carpet events but Gosling's girl has been a no-show for Hollywood events since January.

Third reason, Mendes, who is known to flaunt her impressive waistline, busty front and voluptuous bottom, has been wearing unflattering and loose clothes as of late. On January 1, 2013, Mendes was photographed taking a New Year's hike in loose black shirt and pants. Just lately, unlike other celebs who wear fitted gym clothes, Mendes was photographed wearing awfully fitting jogging pants and a loose gray tank top. For one, the "baby fats" must be showing thus all Eva can do is hide them under loose clothes which count for reason number four.

Last but not the least reason, Eva has been lugging around a bag which she uses to cover her tummy at all times. Everyone knows that when celebs lug a large bag across the tummy that they are obviously hiding a bump.

If Eva is indeed pregnant, chances of Gosling ever calling it off with her are definitely low. Guess this means fans of Gosling will just have to accept Eva Mendes and their soon to be spawn. Hopefully, the kid turns out to be as handsome as Ryan Gosling.

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