5 Reasons 2013 MacBook Air is Still the Best Ultrabook Around

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Apple appears to be on a slump these days but that does not change the fact that it offers some of the finest notebooks around. The company's 2013 MacBook Air is still considered as one if not the best ultrabook around yet. It may not flip and twist unlike the new offerings from Sony and Lenovo but it does deliver impressive specs. 

What Makes it Standout? 

MacBook Air runs on Intel's fourth-gen CPUs. With Haswell inside, this gives the Air excellent and long battery life. The 13-inch device comes with a multi touch track pad which remains one of the best in the industry. What is even better is that retailers have slashed off prices for the device, making it more affordable. 

Haswell Inside 

Last June at the WWDC, Apple revealed that the 2013 MacBook Air model now comes with Intel's Haswell chips. Initially, the changes does not seem much but Intel's new fourth-generation Core i-series CPUs does make a difference. People can now spend more time with a MacBook Air with just a single charge. 

This means more energy saved even with more work accomplished. That is one of the highest selling points of the Air. Intel's Haswell takes away a user's dependence on their adapter. Many reviews have also praised the Haswell for its battery life and performance. This should back up the capabilities of the latest Air. 


With a Haswell-generation CPU, the new Air also comes with Intel's improved HD5000 graphics. This a standout from the previous model's HD4000 graphics. It is still far from the discrete GPU found on the 15-inch Retina Pro but with games like EA's Origin and Steam now compatible with Mac, Air can now accommodate some for OS X gaming. 

WiFi Connectivity 

The 2013 MacBook Air comes with an 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity option. This is a new standard that people will see prevalent among wireless routers eventually. Other specs include Apple's new AirPort Time Capsule and AirPort Extreme hardware. This is ideal for future-proofing the device. Apple also claimed that the solid-state-drives included in the new models are faster. People can have up to 128GB of SSD storage.

Design and features 

The latest Air offers a similar external look as with previous models. Nonetheless, it is still at par with the newest ultrabooks on the market. In fact, it remains as one of the best looking options. Both 11 and 13-inch models offer the same thickness. The models measure around 0.11 to 0.68 inches. 

The rigid aluminum framework makes the Air durable enough. It can withstand impact from being thrown inside bag or being carried around without a sleeve or protective case. Many sources say the Air does better than other ultrabooks when put under a throw-in-your-luggage field test.

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