5 Popular Android Camera Apps

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Several functional camera applications have been used by Google phones and tablets like Nexus and other Google play smartphones.

Recently, the Google employed a camera software available in other smartphones like Samsung, HTC and LG. One drawback with the application used was that it was only compatible with Android 4.4 devices.  Fortunately, Google Camera is not the only high quality camera app available. There are other alternatives, especially for those phones which are not yet upgraded to Android 4.4.

1.    Camera For Android

This app is easy to use giving you the Panaromic effect available in high quality camera apps. But the drawback is in the final image when it gets cropped while it is being framed as it doesn't have the preview of every shot that you were shooting. It also does not have the HDR effect and the Photo sphere features.

2.    Snap Camera HDR

The Snap Camera HDR comes with the package of the same features of other popular Android cameras: Panaroma, Burst mode, a timer, and HDR. It is the most elegant and neat camera app available in the Play Store. The controls of the app are blue camera button,  red camcorder and hollow settings button.

3.    Camera 360 Ultimate

This camera app is not simple and not complicated. It has great number of features and all available for free. It filters to your subjects while framing and you can shoot on easy mode which will hide most of the extras.

4.    Camera Awesome

This app is popular for its after effects offered: face detection, selection of composition frames, level, and permanent flash function and all the different camera modes and settings are easily available. It is slick and designed wonderfully with some exclusive features and probably that is why it costs $3.

5.    Best HDR Camera

This simple to use and free app offers you a true 4:3 preview so that when you go to view your final full-resolution shot, it comes out to be the best one. It also helps to widen lens to take 19:6 shots at a lower pixel density with HDR camera.

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