5 Pet Peeves Australians Have When Travelling by Plane

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Just like any other person, Australians have their own set of pet peeves when travelling by plane. Many of these are quite common and understandable, but airlines can do better by knowing what irks most travellers, so they can at least spot a incoming conflict from a mile away. Other passengers can also prevent any sort of trouble by avoiding certain behaviours in-flight.

1. Uncomfortable seats or limited legroom

In a study conducted by TripAdvisor, which covered over 4,800 Australian participants, 70% indicated that they were annoyed by having small legroom and uncomfortable seats. People do not like the layout of some airplane seats, as it causes strain on their back and legs. While budget airlines are generally expected to be cramped compared to their premier counterparts, travellers still expect a minimum level of comfort when they are asked to sit through a trip for hours. 

2. Boisterous and crying children

Parents should also look for ways to keep their children preoccupied during flights because a lot of Australians do not like crying babies or toddlers throwing tantrums. In a survey conducted by Expedia, passengers are equally annoyed by inattentive parents who think that others do not mind their kids' behaviour. If you are a travelling with children, be sure to always bring different forms of entertainment and prepare for expected discomforts beforehand. 

3.  Those who mess with their seats

Passengers do not like those who grab the backrest while standing up or whenever the plane experiences turbulence. More do not like it when the one sitting in front of them fully reclines his backrest. People should be more mindful of their backrests since some planes have been readjusted. Fully reclining the seat may occupy too much space behind you. 

4. Chatty seatmates

Many Australian passengers preferred sleeping or reading a book while riding on a plane. They do not enjoy chatting with complete strangers. Passengers generally do not mind talking for a few moments before takeoff, but prefer to keep to themselves after.

5.  Stinky passengers

A survey was conducted via Escape.com.au to determine the pet peeves of Australian passengers while travelling by plane and many reported that they were very annoyed by those who sit beside them with bad hygiene. It will be best to skip the curry, take a bath or brush your teeth when you're about to go on long flights.

Other pet peeves of Australian travellers include bad service by the flight crew, passengers who frequently go to the bathroom, passengers who open the cabin window so the sunlight directly hits his seatmate, passengers who snore, overly romantic passengers and passengers who look as if they are carrying a contagious disease.

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