5 New Features From Google Maps 'Upgrade'

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Google Maps for mobile is one of the widely used apps ever both by Android and iOS users. The Google Maps app acts as a daily guide for regular commutes, weekend travels and even during exhaustive vacations that people get to enjoy occasionally.

It has only been a couple of days since Google made some significant enhancements to "Google Now." But the Mountain View based search giant announced Google Maps will get a huge upgrade for both iOS and Android.

According to Google Blog, Google Maps packs so many new features and enhancements.

Here is a list of five best features:

1. Improved Exit-Route Navigation

Missing an exit route is not uncommon. But with the recent update to Google Maps, the commute becomes even easier. The app now shows which lane to stay-in or move-into to never drive down the wrong road before finding the correct exit. Also, the alternate routes are enhanced with improved route choices. But the lane guide is available only in the U.S., Canada and several parts of Japan, according to BGR.

2. Offline Maps

To drive to an unfamiliar route, users need Google Map's help. But what if there is no dependable data connection on the route? This is where the new upgrade comes handy. The Google Map app users can search for an area and select the "Save map to use offline" option. By doing this, the required map can be found under the saved maps' list.

3. Travel Reminder

The users who usually miss trains and metros quite often should find this latest Maps update very helpful. With the updated Maps, users can now set the time and date of travel plan, which in turn ensures that users don't miss their trains.

4. Uber Connectivity from Maps

Regular Uber users will encourage this particular feature of the new Google Maps. If Uber app is installed on the device, users can now compare the ride with public transit and walking directions to find estimated time, among others.

5. Destination Explorer

This update is a savior for users who travel to various destinations across the globe. According to BGR, the new update does not force the user to wade through several apps for a street view of the planned destination. Instead, Google has coupled this feature within the application. This feature lets the user to search for any destination and then by taping on the "place card," it lets the user to get into Street View (depending on the availability) directly.

Google's Official blog claimed users can get a peek inside some hotels (applicable) and restaurants, among others via Maps.

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