5 Likely iPhone 6 Features on Release Date Based on Freshly-Leaked iOS 8 Details

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iPhone 6
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The iPhone 6 on release date is rumoured to run on a brand new iOS 8, replacing the current iOS 7.1 and some details of which have started leaking out in the past few weeks.

Citing unnamed sources, 9to5Mac has provided a peek of how Apple's new mobile platform would be, which in turn points to some of the actual specs and features that the next iPhone will showcase later in the year.

Five of them are offered in quick snapshots below:

Smooth, fast and stable

From its current build, the next iOS, according to Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, will respond quicker than before and user navigation will be a lot easier. In iOS 7, Apple has introduced 64-bit computing that company said will take on a forward-looking implementation with the iPhone 5S.

It is expected that in the iPhone 6 and iOS 8, the 64-bit standard will be in full-swing for the entire iPhone ecosystem, including third-party providers. The system is also expected to achieve better stability from the previous model, Gurman wrote

Streamlined Notification Centre

Already simplified in iOS 7, the iPhone Notification Centre will again take on a new approach in iOS 8. Instead of three columns, Apple will reportedly opt for two that will reflect the most current alerts under the 'Today' line while the other notices will be compiled under the 'All' heading.

The interface is likely to retain he translucent texture and the drop-down effect when pulled by user in a swift downward swipe from the top of the screen.

Messaging manager

In the iPhone 6, users are given more control on how the Messaging application will generally behave. Messages can be stored for the entire life of the device or the old threads can be configured to 'disappear' forever, depending on user preference.

The bottom line is, the need for extra space or dictates of sentiments will determine how a long a specific message will reside in the iPhone 6, which is just among the new tweaks packed with the iOS 8-powered device.

Wireless pairing with CarPlay

CarPlay in iOS 7.1 is connected through the Lightning cable. In iOS 8, the wire will be ditched in favour of Wi-Fi access, which 9to5Mac said is car brand-dependent at the onset. The same report claimed that Volvo is confirmed to work seamlessly with the more convenient feature.

Integrated social gaming functions

In replacing iOS 7.1, a number of functions and features will inevitably get the axe and one the notable casualties would be the Game Centre app, Gurman said. In its stead, Apple is reportedly mulling the introduction of an integrated social gaming service that is embedded with iOS 8. Games that are programmed to work with the offering will automatically join the gaming network upon installation.

The previous iOS game hub will not be missed as Apple seemed to have determined that the app didn't really gained the traction envisioned by its creators.

All these upcoming iOS functions will either make the final cut or miss the boat during Apple's WWDC 2014 edition in June, which is also rumoured as the debut event for the iPhone 6 prior to its actual release date in the months or even weeks ahead.

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