5 Lifestyle Apps for Android

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Lifestyle, which varies from person to person, was introduced as a term in the 1950s which defines the way a person lives. A specific lifestyle reflects an individual's attitudes, values, or world view and it means the forging of a sense of self and creation of personal identity.

A person's lifestyle is often linked with clothing, diet, reasoning, and even sleeping habits. Android application developers created apps to help users with their current lifestyle, particularly how to change it or improve it even more.

1.     Sleep as Android

Sleeping is a form of resting and it's the complete form of rest needed by most living beings on earth. It allows humans to reach dreaming stage which addresses personal issues subconsciously, so it is very important to get that beauty sleep. This app values sleep cycles and tracks sleep during night and given a time range, it will gradually wake up the user. The app includes alarm scheduling, uses accelerometer sensor to find an optimal wake up time before the alarm, snooze and dismiss alarm, sharing graphs to Facebook or Twitter, and sleep graphs to know how well the user slept at night.

2.     Jamie's 20-Minute Meals

Jamie Oliver gives the best great-tasting food made easily at home. This app includes 65 mouth-watering recipes to try and each of these recipes requires around 20 minutes to prepare. The app features a guide with step-by-step images to prevent anything to go wrong during cooking. There are also 21 videos about useful tips, tricks, and kitchen skills from sharpening a knife to chopping an onion.

3.     Private Diary

Some people like to keep records of their daily experience which allows them to reflect what happened to their lives which gave rise to the diary. Android apps like Private Diary does the same, except it uses the technology so that images and other things can be added to your pages. The app features password protection, filter entries by category or dates, themes, SD card backup, photo attachment, sharing to email, sending via SMS, and DropBox folder.

4.     Mixologist

For users who love to drink and blend cocktail drinks, this number one cocktail recipe app for iPhone has come to Android. It includes over 7,000 drink recipes, more than 1,300 ingredients, metric/imperial unit measurements, inventory management to determine what you have on hand, slot-machine random drinks generator, bartending terminologies and techniques, and drink recipe categories.

5.     Baby Monitor and Alarm

This easy-to-use app emulates what does a normal baby monitor do and features unique contents. The app requires another mobile phone as the recipient of its alarm but it is not limited to be any type of smartphone. It features Phone Alert function that notifies the connect phone if there is a noise in the baby's room, an activity log to know what happened during the baby's sleep with instant replay of all the noises that occurred, Mommy's voice to help the baby go back to sleep, favorite lullaby or fairytale, and quick buttons to access all major features of the application.

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