5 Leaked LG G3, Moto X+1 Specs & Features to Make You Forget Nexus 6 Release Date

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The supposed demise of the Google Nexus 6 prior to its release date later this 2014 appears to become real by the day but Android fans need not fret or get disappointed.

For one, Android Silver would replace the retiring Nexus line of devices and like its predecessor, the rumoured Google project will lead to the production of high-end smartphones and tablets - to be brought to life, of course, by native Android in the most recent form.

Then if Android Silver fizzles out, devices in Google Play Edition will surely satisfy the craving for pure Android sweets packed in branded handsets from the likes of Samsung, HTC and LG.

Or opt for the immediately available fix, the upcoming flagships from LG and Motorola - the LG G3 and the Moto X+1 that are fast shaping up as the most compelling alternative for the Nexus 6, which may not show up at all.

To date, a total of five 'confirmed specs and features' are separately attributed to the G3 and Moto X replacement and the details provided so far seem to suggest that any of the Android smartphones will convince Nexus lovers to embrace them wholeheartedly.

Read on to find out:

Superior hardware

From numerous leaks, the LG G3 hardware points to an upscale collection of components that are designed to power a brutish device. The screen size is said to be in 5.5-inch with Retina-busting resolution of 2560 x 1440 that dominates the nearly all-screen front panel.

Under the hood, the engine is a Snapdragon 801 chip that is tapped to 2GB of RAM. The latter, according to Android Central is all but confirmed along with the fresh information that the G3 will retail in 16GB and 32GB of storage configurations.

Killer camera package

Extending the G3 hardware upgrades from the LG G2 is its fresh shooting capabilities. The G3 rear cam will have a laser auto-focus that will provide stability in capturing images. The cam application was also improved in a way that will make it for users to navigate through the menu while taking shots of an object.

Live notification

Now on the software side, apart from the LG phone interface being stripped down to the simplest form possible, G3 designers thought of giving the phone Google Now-like functions. That would mean the device will deliver real time notifications if so desire by users.

Easy app access

Also included with the LG skin, layered on top of Android is a widget called Quick Circle. When pulled up, this feature will offer shortcuts to six of the most-frequently used G3 and Android applications.

A 64GB Moto X+1?

This is highly likely, according to BGR, basing its prediction to a recent Motorola announcement that a 64GB Moto X will soon sit on store shelves for $450. Now it only makes sense that if the Moto maker is selling the Moto X in 64GB then the Moto X+1 should follow the same route.

To confirm this, Android fans will have to wait for the Moto X+1 release date that Motorola says will be around late summer of 2014. The LG G3 availability will certainly happen anytime in June or a few weeks after its May 27 unveiling.

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