5 Interesting 'Free iPhone Apps' to Check Out

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Apple's iPhone has dominated the smartphone market with its features. When a third-party company provides some of its apps, it needs to guarantee they are of the same standards.

Five interesting iPhone apps, supporting the phone visually and functionally, are free:

1.  Magneto Calendar

The Magneto interface is familiar and unique. It features automatic drive times added to your schedule, simple scheduling outside your company, creating instantly from any Web page, smart to-dos integrated with your calendar, and blocking out personal time in your work. calendar.

2.    Vyclone

It is an app that keeps all memories of a particular event. It helps in recording few clips of an event and upload them to the app's servers. The footage is then combined with clips recorded by other Vyclone users who were present in the event. This results in one big multi-camera highlight movie.

3.    Redd

This app is sleek and simple with various features and options such as infinite scrolling, browse without logging, BaconSync support for BaconIt, tracking for which links have been read, night mode and different font sizes, integrated YouTube player and ImgUr gallery viewer, ability to reply and remember to comments and links with live preview, integrated image viewer for a stunning viewing experience, support for Windows Share, pinch zoom support for images, fully integrated imgur gallery support and many more.

4.      Listen

It focuses on making music playback as simple and painless as possible instead of bombarding the user with heavy graphics and loads of features. "Listen runs on gestures, not buttons, to make listening to music a seamless experience," the app's description reads, "It's perfect for anytime - on your way to work, while exercising, on the go or just relaxing."

5.     Gusto

It is a solid email app that offers great functionality. It offers a twist in the email applications to connect multiple Gmail accounts, view files or photos from Gmail in three list views: normal vertical list, image rich tile format, large expanded text view, pinch to zoom/expand each message for viewing preference, search across files, photos, email, attachments by keyword, account, or email, access email by attachment, simply swipe any message in inbox to reply, delete, flag, move, mark as read, and more, push notifications for all new emails, files, photos received, secure backup and storage for all data.

Gusto currently supports Gmail, but the developers behind the app are working to add support for Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, Hotmail and Exchange.

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