5 Hints the 2013 MacBook Air Gives About the 2013 MacBook Pro

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The release date of Apple's MacBook Pro 2013 may be just around the corner. Many reports suggest the launch can take place in October.

Considered as one of the best line of notebooks around, people have always anticipated MacBook Pro releases. As Apple remains tight lipped about the product, the market current bases their expectations of the laptop on previous releases and company news. 

So what can users anticipate from the new MacBook Pro release? The 2013 MacBook Air can give some clues. 

The MacBook Pro benchmarks were seen last July. From that limited information, many sources recommend users to wait for its release before choosing a notebook. Now that more reports claim Apple might release a new MacBook Pro Retina release and a new MacBook Pro without Retina, it is best to hold off a purchase. 

Apple's new set of laptops and upcoming iMacs may offer better deals. There are several reasons why a MacBook Pro release is in order and why people should wait for wait.

Exceptional Battery Life 

Apple's 2013 MacBook Air boasts of more than 12 hours of battery life with Haswell on board. The 11-inch model now offers more than 9 hours of battery life while the 13-inch model now offers more than 12 hours of battery life. That is 70% and 80% improvement respectively. 

The 7 hours battery life for the MacBook Pro series can jump to 12 hours with the Haswell on board. Total battery life may be lesser depending on the activities of the users but it is a great improvement nonetheless. Users can now expect a full day of work without needing to charge. This alone makes the MacBook Pro worth the wait. 

Faster Wi-Fi 

The MacBook Air offered 802.11ac WiFi. This means faster connectivity. Reports claim that the same WiFi configuration is coming to the 2013 MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook. Apple already provides the 802.11ac Time Capsule on other devices. This should help the MacBook Pro line deliver better WiFi and performance. 

Better Storage 

It has been reported that Apple will provide faster storage for both the MacBook Pro with Retina Display and the new MacBook Pro. The new MacBook Air packs on a PCIe storage offering faster performance. Seeing the same storage on the MacBook Pro with Retina Display and the new MacBook Pro will not be surprising. It is also possible to see a Fusion drive on the MacBook Pro. Currently, the product online uses solid state and hard drives. 

Better Graphics 

According to several sources, the new MacBook Pro line will feature integrated Intel GPU, the Intel Iris Pro 5200. The graphics chipset can power up video games better, saying a lot about its capacity and performance. 

Thunderbolt 2 

Apple already confirmed the Thunderbolt 2 for the MacPro. The latest version of the Thunderbolt can support 4kvideos. This means MacBook Pro will support and power up 4k videos as well. 

Lastly, people may also see the new MacBook Pros with the newest OS X Mavericks.

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