5 Games Lined Up for the PS4: Apotheon, Ironclad Tactics, Projects Cars and More

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The PS4 has always been known for its independent games, most of which are from small studios, but the titles pack action, adventure, insane graphics, and equally insane fun as their AAA counterparts.

The PlayStation Blog has been churning out quite the number of blogs from different developers in terms of new games coming out for the PS4, and here are five of these cool new games.

Project CARS

Even with Driveclub rolling around in October, there's another racing game that the PS4 is expecting, and it's one that's different in the sense that it's tailored for gamers.

"We wanted the core driving experience to be the most authentic on the planet, and we wanted to provide you with all the features you need to recreate a race weekend as it happens in real life-complete with a dynamic time of day and a weather system that not only looks beautiful but challenges your skills and provides strategic opportunities," said Slightly Mad Studios creative director Andy Tudor at PlayStation Blog.

During the creation process, the developers were getting constant feedback from players who give them tips on what else they can add to the game that players will want in a racing game. So this basically means that you can expect new content and features, a fresh perspective on racing game, and innovations that are fit for the PS4 platform.

Best of all, it's coming a month after Driveclub, so you can check out the two separately and see the many perspectives of racing games.

Skulls of the Shogun

From 17-BIT Studio comes Skulls of the Shogun: The Bone-a-Fide Edition, which makes for a very exciting turn-based, strategy, and fighting game all in one.

What you can expect from Skulls of the Shogun ultimate version is that it features both single and multiplayer, where you get to play as General Akamoto, greatest shogun who's transported into Samurai Afterlife after he was killed, but an imposter has taken his place and he's coming back to regain his honor.

"Were proud to say that The Bone-a-Fide Edition takes the original game and jacks it up to eleven, adding a brand-new single-player episode (bringing the total number of missions to 24), where you play as a new visitor to the Shores of the Dead who's determined to take down General Akamoto," said Raj Joshi of 17-BIT over at PlayStation Blog.

This means that you'll be playing through a 10-hour single-player campaign, while the multiplayer map to 36 all in all, with each map having the ability to cater to 2,3 or 4-player fights.

So far, there's no release date yet for the PS4, but the developers are already excited that it will soon enough.


Source is one of those games where there are different features that make up the totality of the game.

"When we began developing Source, we set out to create something completely new and unique, yet deeply versed in the classic Metroidvania adventure game style," said Brian McRae, CEO of Fenix Fire to PlayStation Blog. "To us, a Metroidvania is a special kind of adventure game that has a few main components that need to be just right."

You have an expansive world that you can explore, permanent upgrades that will let your character survive, and a visual story that you can see unfolding alongside playing the game.

But what's probably very grabbing about Source is the visuals-inspired by the likes of Tron, you can see neons, surreal art, and basically a new way of looking at life.

Currently, the game still has more than a week to go over at Kickstarter, so you can take a shot there if you already feel that the game is up your alley.

Ironclad Tactics

Delving into the theme of history and war, Ironclad Tactics from Zachtronics merges what can be old history (American Civil War) and gives it a twist using robots for this card and tactics game. Yes, robots.

Ironclad Tactics gameplay trailer (via YouTube/PlayStation)

What makes it unique more than the merging history with the future (quite literally) is that you have a 10-second fixed-length turns. What's more, you can build your decks just by playing the game and completing challenges, so none of those microtransactions where you need to purchase a card in order to enjoy it. And even as a card game, according to PlayStation Blog, Ironclad Tactics has a story that is fun to unfold, as well as a multiplayer mode so you can play against our friends over the Internet.


Inspired initially by Greek pottery and the stories that they depict, Apotheon has become a game that took combating and Greek mythology to the next-gen level.

Making use of multiplayer FPS games that make use of basic actions where the players will learn more malleable skills like timing, positioning and reading opponent's moves, instead of having special moves-the makings of an actual fighter in combat.

Apotheon PS4 trailer (via Youtube/PlayStation)

"You've got a big mountain to climb to take on the Gods of Olympus, and keeping yourself in tip-top fighting condition requires a bit of exploring, looting, shopping and crafting," said Alien Trap Games designer Jesse McGibney to PlayStation Blog.

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