5 Games Like Flappy Bird for Mobile and PC: Bouncy Bird, Gem Bound - Steven Universe, Flappy Plane, Ironpants and Flappy Bird PC

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Now that Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen really made good with his promised and removed the addictive game from both the iOS App Store and Android Play Store, some people may be looking for the next fix of a game.

And almost immediately, a swarm of wanna-bes who want to take the crown from the $50,000-a-day-earner game has already hit App Stores all over.

Here are some alternative games, both for the iOS and even the PC that you might want to try out.

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Flappy Plane

Available only for iOS users, Flappy Plane is pretty straight forward, "Just tap to UP! Avoid walls... Keep concentrate... Good luck," as per its iTunes page.

The rather ironic thing here is that customer reviews point back to Flappy Bird in relation to this game.

"In my professional opinion flappy plane was created to help flappy birds recover their lives, much like a methadone clinic with addicts. It has the same basic idea, and is much easier and you will get farther giving you a sense of accomplishment and after enough therapy, may allow a flappy addict to return to being a normal functional member of society," said 1234Hunter1234.

You can download Flappy Plane here for free.

Gem Bound - Steven Universe

A Cartoon Network game, Gem Bound - Steven Universe has a simple goal for players: you need to jump the platforms and go as high as you can while collecting coins and avoiding enemies. But you will also need to crash your way through magical monsters for those precious bonus points.

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There are also Crystal Gems for power boosts, addition coins, or as a secret weapon to destroy those in your path. Magical upgrades are also available so you can jump higher or get cool items.

You can download Gem Bound - Steven Universe on iTunes here for $0.99 or if you're feeling a little arcade-y with your PC, there's also a Gem Bound PC version, accessible via Kano Games.

Bouncy Bird

Here's a game that features a bird and an endless journey, but one that has been on iTunes since 2012--meaning it came before the hype of Flappy Bird dawned.

Bouncy Bird introduces you to Nelly who needs to find his family. So you journey with him through towns, mountains, and forests as seen in the different backgrounds and themes. The game boasts of "unlimited" levels and gamecenter leaderboards and achievements.

For those who want to take Bouncy Bird to laptops, Kano Games is also hosting the PC version of the game. Otherwise, you can download it from iTunes for $0.99.


Now here's a game that both iOS and Android gamers can get a hang of. From creator Eduardas Klenauskis, the graphics are pretty much reminiscent of Flappy Bird in its pixelated goodness, only with a more superhero-ish approach to the game.

This is another new game, obviously following the trend of Flappy Bird, and among the many similar games, Ironpants is one of the more successful ones to penetrate the Flappy Bird following.

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According to gamers who have tried Ironpants, this is a much harder game despite the same one-touch control and goal. Download Ironpants over at iTunes or at Google Play Store.

Flappy Bird Flash

Based on the original Flappy Bird game--from the logo down to the graphics of the Flappy Bird--Flappy Bird Flash is just that: a flash version to play on the PC.

According to those who have already played the game, Flappy Bird Flash is pretty hard. For this game, instead of tapping away on your mobile device, you can kill your laptop's space bar to make this Flappy Bird fly. Currently, there's not mouse function to make the bird flap, so, in a sense, it does emulate the old game.

Check out Flappy Bird Flash over at Kongregate.com.

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