5 Free Apps For Smartphones That Can Help Make You Look Beautiful

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5 Free Apps For Smartphones That Can Help Make You Look Beautiful
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There are a lot of apps for smartphones today, but most of these are geared towards improving productivity or providing entertainment like video games. However, there are some apps that can aid in improving one's appearance. What's even better is that they are available for free. Below is a list of five free apps for smartphones that can help make you look beautiful.

1.     BeautyBooked -

This free app is available for iPhone and it helps in the search of a spa or a salon. It features several photos and reviews of salons and spas, including the treatments they offer. It even has the Allure Directory reviews. The BeautyBooked app can also be used to book a service for a technician or stylist. However, it is only available for those who live in Houston or Dallas, Texas, Los Angeles, California and New York City. But, it will be offered in more cities in the future. Click HERE to download the BeautyBooked app from its official website.

2.     Makeup Genius -

This free iPone app from L'Oreal Paris allows users to test various makeup and looks without having to upload a photo. It scans 64 points on one's face to enable users to see how a particular lipstick, eye shadow, blush or eye liner will look on them. The makeup app is done in real time and utilizes a smartphone's front camera. Click HERE to download the Makeup Genius by L'Oreal Paris app.

3.     Hair Color by Modiface -

This free app is available for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android, It allows users to see what a particular hair color looks like on them. It offers 30 hair color options including various red, brown and blonde shades. Unlike the Makeup Genius by L'Oreal Paris app, the Hair Color by Modiface app needs a photo to be uploaded. What sets it apart from other similar apps is that it actually changes the colour of the hair in the uploaded photo. Some apps just plop a hairstyle on an uploaded photo like a wig. Click HERE to download the Hair Color by Modiface app.

4.      Think Dirty - 

This free app is available for iPhone. It helps users to check if the ingredients of the beauty products they are using are toxic. All they need to do after downloading the Think Dirty app is to search the beauty product's name in the database or scan its barcode. Aside from listing and ranking the toxicity of the ingredients, it also offers better and much healthier alternatives. Click HERE to download the Think Dirty app.  

5.     Stash -

This free iPhone app allows users to keep track of their beauty products including makeup, skin and hair care products. It stores important information about these products including when it was bought and when it should be refilled. It even reminds users to buy a product once its supply is running low. Plus, it enables users to actually buy their next stash of beauty products. It has partnerships with various online retailers such as Sephora and Saks. It also features several product reviews from blogs and magazines. Click HERE to download the Stash app.

These are the five free apps for smartphones that can help make you look and feel beautiful. For more updates about new apps and other news regarding technology, business, entertainment, finance, politics, economy, health, sports and science, keep reading International Business Times.


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