5 Food Trends That Happened in 2014

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Tomato juice is seen in this undated handout photo
Tomato juice is seen in this undated handout photo REUTERS/NEWSCOM/HANDOUT

In 2014, several unique food trends surfaced -- with some leaving very good impressions. At exhibits and trade shows, people will find a variety of new products and out-of-the-box culinary creations. Some of these look like they have been mastered through the years with recipes passed on the adjusted to suit the times.

Here are five that made a mark. Have you tried any of them?

1. Hybrid food

The idea of combining two or more types of food is a hit among many worldwide. This so-called hybrid food usually involve pastries, although others tend to be more creative. Examples are cronuts, which are a combination of croissants and donuts, and cragels, which are a combination of croissants and bagels. The Yo'clair is another beautiful creation which features yogurt in an éclair casing. Also, a quirky hybrid fad is the ramen burger, which merges the classic burger with noodles in replacement of the bun.

2. Wiki Cell

This year also gave birth to edible casings, where different types of food and drinks can be placed in, such as ice cream, yogurt, cheese and soda. The case is thin but does not melt when touched. Foodies generally have to bite and chew the Wiki Cell to eat it and eat through it.

3. Flavoured water

A number of companies introduced bottled water variety that came in unique flavours, like lemon, orange, strawberry, apple, and many more. The taste is almost pure, except that you will notice the slight hint of the flavour. Some of the drinks also contain caffeine and electrolytes to provide consumers with the needed energy and focus to get through the day, as marketed. 

4. Mochi balls

Mochi is a sweet treat that features flavoured ice cream wrapped inside a chewy rice dough. People can eat it by hand. The trend spread very quickly just like how bubble milk tea became so popular a few years ago. While the concept of Mochi balls isn't really new, the fad spread to major levels in 2014 that so many small brands are jumping into the wagon and delivering different varieties of a dessert classic.

5. Cleansing juices

Many small businesses making and serving fresh juices caught up with the growing trend of staying fit and healthy. People found "juicing" very beneficial in getting rid of toxins in the body, as well as consuming fewer calories without having to feel hungry. Organic cold pressed juices are prepared from various vegetables and fruits and are then contained in bottles. The products are delivered daily to customers. People can also choose the mix of products they wish to consume based on their diet requirements. Some providers of juices have gone so far as creating meal plans for their customers who wish to lose weight while on the juicing program. 

Some of these food trends moved on to become a part of the daily lifestyle, such as cleansing juices. Others became influences for new creations that consumers can continue to enjoy. 

What food trend made the most impact on you this year? Let us know in the comments!

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