5 Factors that Make Blackberry 10’s Launch More Challenging for RIM

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Research in Motion (RIM) will finally launch Blackberry 10 and this is one of the most expected event in technology of the once dominant OS in the United States. Currently, Blackberry owns only 1.1 percent of total market share in mobile devices which is now populated by Google's Android.

There are doubts about the new things about the Blackberry 10 due to the influences of both Android and iOS platforms. So many things are expected from RIM of what they can offer this time for mobile users to switch back to Blackberry again.

Here are some factors that Blackberry will be challenged:

1.     Size and Displays

Android and iOS support larger screens of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets/pads. By early 2013, some of the high-end phones have at least 5 inches of screen display with booming resolutions.

2.     More Tablets, More Fun

RIM is similar to Apple, as a sole creator and manufacturer of their operating system and devices. Unlike Android which is marketed by Google, dozens of newcomers and above standing brands sell devices under the open-source operating system. Android tablets have come in many sizes, forms, and has a hybrid called phablets.

3.     The Applications

RIM nurtured small developers to create applications for Blackberry but other competitors have hundreds of thousands of applications from small to big developers filling all kinds of categories. Having lists of "Top Apps" could help users to download and purchase more from Blackberry App World.

4.     Supply and Demand

Launching to multiple network carriers at the same time as the new Blackberry 10 is released will ensure thumbs up for RIM. Another is the supply of available units should be intact; RIM would never want to wish duplicating an incident from Android.

5.     Still with the Enterprise

Blackberry is known for its business-oriented devices for very secure software and applications ready for business and communications. Blackberry must be user-friendly, manageable, and always finishes the job.

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