5 Expectations for the iPhone 6!


The iPhone 6 has been much talked about even though confirmation of the device has not yet been given by Apple. However, recent and long-standing speculations have given potential users a somewhat vivid picture of what they can expect of the iPhone 6.

Here are the top 5 expected features and improvements that should be in the iPhone 6, particularly if it will come out in 2014, as what is now becoming more realistic for its timeline.

Larger screen display

Considering that Apple has always prided itself for what's ergonomically functional and useful for consumers, don't expect it to jump the bandwagon of big-screened phones just for the heck of staying with the competition.

However, a bigger screen compared to the iPhone 5 is not all that impossible. According to ETrade Supply, the tradeoffs that may come with a bigger screen may not be worth the effort, as said by Apple's CEO Tim Cook.

This can mean that the next iPhone won't border on the phablet size, but rather an easy-to-use phone that sets itself apart from its competition.


More phones that have been coming out this year each had a different feature to showcase, from the more rugged phones that cater to a niche market, the luxury phones, and even those that have bendable technology integrated in them.

FashionStyle.com reports that with the iPhone 6, its unique feature may lie in the fact that it will be waterproof. This report was based on one of the concept photos created by Author Reis.

The concept also details that the iPhone 6 may be able to survive 12m drops as well as 10m depth underwater. While this may seem like an out-of-the-blue concept, it can be Apple's answer to Sony Xperia Z's waterproof design and an added feature to set the iPhone 6 apart from its predecessor.

Better camera specs

With more smartphones gaining momentum for better camera specs, it seems that analysts and reports are also hopeful about the future iPhone 6.

Softpedia reports that the iPhone 6 may have imaging sensors for 1080 videos, involving 2-megapixels and 60 frames per second for its FaceTime camera. This means that those who love to take selfie shots can enjoy better shots with the upcoming iPhone.

Aside from this, the iPhone 6 will reportedly have a 13-megapixel rear camera to compete with the ones in the market today.

Different design from iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S

For the past iterations of the iPhone, it seems that most of the changes revolved around the physical dimensions of the phone or the features that were added or improved upon.

However, unlike some of the phones that have come out, such as BlackBerry's first take on touchscreens with the Z10 or the more impressive physically keyboarded and touchscreen device Q10, the iPhone has barely seen any significant redesigning.

But now, Gadget Insiders reports that analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies & Co. states that the iPhone 6 may not even have a home button.

The Full Signal even features another report wherein Apple may be exploring a new design, one involving new battery technology and a wrap-around display.

Enhanced added features

As always, better features can add to the swag of a phone, and if Swype VP's tweet would be believed to be a tease to an upcoming project between the two companies, then the Swype keyboard may be coming to the iPhone 6.

Confirmations still have to be done for this possible new feature, but it will give an altogether new experience for users, reports SimplyZesty.com. For instance you can enjoy a faster time composing messages without having to tap away at your digital keyboard.

Add to this, the much-discussed fingerprint scanner has also been rumored to be part of the package. This can mean that, instead of punching in a code to unlock your phone--and frequently use and possibly damage the home button phone in the process--you can just press your finger on the sensor and you're immediately in.

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