5 Exciting Galaxy S5 Features That Will Keep the iPhone 6 Off Your Mind

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Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5 REUTERS/Albert Gea

Mulling over a Galaxy S5 buy this coming April but can't seem to shake off the thought of owning the iPhone 6, which is being touted as the best iPhone ever on its release date later this 2014?

Looking closely on some of the initial reviews and hands-on of the Galaxy S5, the new Android device appears to be fully capable of exceeding all the expectations - even easily trump the iPhone 6, which definitely will the GS5's chief rival.

The five killer features of the Galaxy S5 below should be enough for smartphone buyers to take the plunge, forget about the iPhone 6, and experience what Samsung has in store for all Sammy fans - existing and would-be converts.

Tough and durable

Samsung has decided to waterproof its first 2014 headliner and unpacked the Galaxy S5 with the ability to repel element and water intrusion. The GS5 is protected by a military-grade IP67 invisible water resistant coating. That means the phone can be soaked in a one-meter deep water for 30 minutes and it remains running.

Imagine the GS5 blasting all your favourite music files through a Bluetooth speaker while you enjoy at the pool, not minding a bit that water could spill over and damage the unit. This is something that is not assured about the iPhone 6 while Galaxy S5 buyers can surely this feature right out of the box.

Insanely great camera features

The great moments in the same pool party, of course, are preserved by the GS5 camera and capturing clips and pics are without fear because the phone will simply keep on snapping even when dripping wet. It is water repellent after all.

Plus, Samsung upgraded the main shooter with a 16MP lens sensor, from the Galaxy S4's 13MP. Other shooting improvements like real-time high-dynamic range or HDR also ensure that the memories to relish later are amplified by high-quality pictures and videos.

On the other hand, what awaits iPhone 6 buyers is likely the same 8MP shooter that was seen in the iPhone 5S with still undefined upgrades, as hinted by numerous reports.

Longer battery life

According to Samsung, the GS5 is juicing down a 2800mAh battery and this massive energy bank will work in tandem with the new power saving feature called Ultra Power Saving Mode. When this function is in effect, the Galaxy S5 will tone down its power consumption to keep the unit humming for as long as possible. In short, the GS5 will never be a killjoy that will send its owner scampering for a power outlet in the most unlike time and situation.

As for the iPhone 6, the expectation is: the device will merely jump a bit from the 1560mAh battery that Apple had delivered with the iPhone 5S.

Secured mobile computing

Not only that the GS5 is bringing in fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone, the device will also permit users to shift to Private Mode - a feature designed by Samsung engineers to shield files and communication exchanges from unauthorised snooping. Note too that the GS5's fingerprint sensor is programmed to work with PayPal, giving users peace of mind when doing their online shopping.

Then there is KNOX, a parallel and secured environment for conducting business transactions and tasks, that makes for protected productivity in a mobile device.

Big display with superlative specs

The Galaxy S5 packs a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED Full HD display with 1080p resolution and pixel density of 431.9ppi. As experts would say, having the GS5 on your pocket is like lugging a full resolution TV that is shrunk for portability.

According to experts, the GS5 will easily overwhelm the iPhone 6 if the latter's display upgrade treatment will only be incremental relative to the Retina-laced iPhone 5S. There are talks that Apple will use Quantum Dot technology with the next iPhone, which is being trumpeted as better than Retina. But these are whispers at the moment while the GS5's display panel prowess is for real and ready to enjoy.

Release date of the Galaxy S5 is set by Samsung on April 11 and the global debut is rumoured to be marked by more affordable price tags when compared to the GS4's initial market entry last year. Now the latter possibility should be a deal-breaker for the iPhone 6.

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