5 Effective and Useful Tips to Improve 'iPhone' Performance

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Apple's devices guarantee high performance, smooth and seamless navigation and stable user experience. In specific, iOS 7.1 software update improved the overall smartphone experience for iPhone users across the globe. Nevertheless, there are ways to gain extra performance out of the device. Here is a list of tips and tricks collated by The Huffington Post that can be utilised to improve iPhone's performance.

Declutter Items

The gigantic pile of music albums, videos, apps, games and other files could act as a deterrent to otherwise quicker and consistent phone. In order to check the usage of 'available memory' on the iPhone, do the following:

Navigate to Settings -> General -> Scroll down further -> Click on the 'Usage'.

This would list down all the apps and other entities that are eating up the space on the iPhone. Users can remove the unused and unnecessary entries from the list, thus saving space and in turn helping the iPhone to perform better.

Clear Cache

Similar to a desktop or a laptop, iPhone's browser history, cookies and other information that are cached can act as impediments. In order to get this cleared, do the following:

Navigate to Settings -> Choose the Web Browser (Safari) -> Locate 'Clear History' and 'Clear Cookies and Data' - > Press the aforementioned buttons and clear the content.

Note: When trying to clear the content, if the listed letters are shown in 'blue,' the user can clear the data. However, if the letters are shown in grey, the browser was cleared quite recently; therefore no action required. Upon clearing the cache, there will be a substantial difference in the speed/performance of the iPhone.

Thrash Old Text Messages

Upon verifying the usage of apps and other files in the settings, the list should show that the 'text messages' are eating up quite a lot of space on the iPhone. In addition, messages with images and videos take up a huge chunk of space. The unwanted and old text/multimedia messages can be deleted for better performance.

Navigate to text message conversation window (or open a chat) and then hold down a random sent message until "More" option pops out. Therefore, the unwanted messages can be selected and "Delete all" button can be pressed to clear the old messages.

Kill Auto App Updates

Auto app update is one of the options that drain the battery out of the iPhones. Opting for a manual update could save the battery life. In order to switch off the auto app updates, do the following:

Navigate to Settings -> Scroll down further -> Click on the 'iTunes & App Store' -> Now push all the listed buttons (like Music, Apps, Books, Updates etc.) to the left-hand side to switch off the automatic app download option.

Switch Off Location Services

This is the most important tip when compared to the rest. Owing to the fact that, turning this service off could speed up the device, in addition to saving the battery. Also, it provides the much-required privacy. It is worth noting that, quite a lot of apps utilise this service to locate the user. In order to turn off this service, do the following:

Navigate to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> Here, the user can turn off the service entirely or turn off only the selected apps. 'Maps' users should refrain from switching the location service off.

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