5 Creepy (And Others--Amazing) Urban Legends From Australia

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A baby cries in Trinwillershagen, Germany
A baby cries in Trinwillershagen, Germany Reuters/Jim Bourg

Australia is home to some of the weirdest creatures you will ever find on earth. Its aboriginal culture is also very rich which explains why hundreds of urban legends have been passed on through the centuries. The land down under is very mystical and features a touch of the unknown.

Here are five creepy but amazing stories from Australia.

1. The bunyip

The bunyip is a mythical creature alleged to live in various parts of Australia, according to a feature by ABC. Ancient folklore says that it is a kind of evil spirit that dwells in swamps, creeks, waterholes and other murky waters. The legend started during the 1840s and was passed on, with a number of authors including the strange beast in a number of books.

2. The choking Doberman

The urban legend tells the story of a couple who were out drinking then came home to realise that their dog was choking in the living room. The man fainted so the woman had to be the one to contact the vet. After dropping the dog off at the vet clinic, the couple got a phone call from the vet telling them to get out of the house. The vet discovered that the dog choked on a man's finger, and the burglar was still left unconscious in their bedroom.

3. The crybaby serial killer

According to About, this Australian story is about a killer that uses recorded sounds of a crying baby to invite unsuspecting female victims into their houses. As soon as they open the door, the killer will force his way inside and murder them.

4. The yowie

The giant creature is the equivalent of the yeti or sasquatch in North America. Some stories say that the hulking beast hides from people and will only engage when threatened or provoked. Others say that the creature is very aggressive and attacks unsuspecting victims.

5. Granny with a gun

One Australian tale tells of an 81-year-old grandmother who is out to hunt the two men who raped her granddaughter. Men in Australia may be misidentified as the assailants, causing the old woman to fire her handgun at their testicles.

Other scary urban legends circulate around the country. Although most are disregarded as total fiction, others may actually have true origins. Do you have a creepy story you want to share?

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