5 Confirmed Nexus 6 Specs on Release Date: 5.2-Inch Screen, Snapdragon 800, 12MP Rear Cam, 32GB Memory & 2GB RAM

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If Google Nexus 6 is modelled after the Moto X2 (X+1) on release date, the device will be a considerable upgrade from the Nexus 5 that was issued in late 2013.

In a fresh benchmark info from GFXBench that The Droid Guy has picked up last week, the purported Moto X sequel, bearing the codename XT912A, is presented as a very able Android handset that surely will exceed the capabilities of the 2014 version.

And the exciting part about the whole revelation is they also point to what the next Nexus smartphone would be as it should be noted that the upcoming Motorola flagship is among the devices touted as the Nexus 6 base-model.

So the specs to follow below should provide an overall picture of what Google plans to deploy come the Nexus 6 debut:

Phablet Nexus

It appears that regardless of the brand name it will carry, Google has designed the Nexus 6 to sport a phablet-size screen. Earlier leaks on the LG G3, another rumoured Nexus 6 pattern, suggest of a 5.5-inch screen profile.

Motorola's take would shrink slightly, stretching only to 5.2-inch, which likely is the limit set by Google for the 2014 Nexus phone - hitting the sweet spot between not too big and not too small while rendering in 1080p resolution.

Snapdragon 800 chip?

According to the GFXBench leak, Motorola will power the next Moto X with a Snapdragon 800 chip that is paired with an Adreno 330 graphic engine.

As the Nexus 5 already enjoyed this Qualcomm powerhouse, Google will likely leave out this specific chipset for the Nexus 6. Instead, the Internet search giant will opt for either the Snapdragon 801 or 805, the former powering the Galaxy S5 international edition.

Main shooter with 12MP shooter

From the LG-built 8MP Nexus 5 shooter, the Nexus 6 main camera will get a 12MP sensor upgrade - that is if the Moto X+1 will end up as the latter's twin device.

Packed with this massive camera upgrade is auto-focus, HDR, touch focus and face detection, CNET said in a related report. Also, the front-facing camera is capable of recording HD clips, said the same report.

More built-in storage space

To offset, perhaps, the lack of memory expansion slot in the Nexus 6, Google is likely to provide a higher internal memory configuration for the device, which is hinted by the alleged Moto X2 benchmark results.

From the previous iterations that start at 16GB, the next model will offer 32GB as the basic storage space.

2GB of RAM

Looks like Motorola will not only keep the Snapdragon 800 that is found in the Nexus 5 but also the 2GB of RAM that the chip is tapped with. Yet in case of a surprise upgrade initiated by Google, up to 3GB of RAM can be expected - to work with a later Snapdragon chip model.

Motorola is said to be planning a late 2014 summer release date for the Moto X+1, which suits just fine with the Nexus 6 debut that according to Google will happen somewhere in the third quarter of the year, at the earliest.

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