5 Celebrities Who are Nailing the Selfie Trend

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Because of its widespread application, the term "selfie" has been included in the Oxford dictionary. It means taking a photo of yourself by yourself. The presence of social media networks also made selfies more popular, as Hollywood stars join the bunch and share their own unique and creative selfies to thousands of fans. 

1. Kim Kardashian-West

Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous selfie takers. She has 22.7 million followers on Twitter. Her account name is @KimKardashian and she constantly uploads new photos of herself in a bikini or underwear. Having the curves and a beautiful face definitely made her selfies instant favorites. In fact, the most popular Kardashian has announced that she is coming up with a coffee table book soon which contains nothing but her selfies.

2. Justin Bieber

Although the Canadian singer draws mixed responses from people, it is not a question that his selfies are an instant hit among his 53 million followers on Twitter. He likes taking photos of his tattoos and shirtless self online. Although some people may be criticizing his ways, he still gets the attention. 

3. Miley Cyrus

Ever since Miley started sharing controversial photos of herself, her selfies started to draw more attention. Her Twitter account @MileyCyrus has over 18 million followers. She always posts photos of herself in underwear and revealing clothes, showing that she "can't be tamed". 

4. Miranda Kerr

The Victoria's Secret Angel is an inspiration to moms and women everywhere to stay fit, healthy and beautiful. The Australian super model commands close to 3 million followers on Twitter. She usually takes a photo of herself in classy clothes or with her baby. Sometimes, she shows off her ripped abs and long legs by wearing a bikini.

5. Pope Francis

Although the Pope is not from Hollywood, he does have a social media account. His participation in selfies, taken by others, are always a delight to people around the world. It shows how the orthodox can comfortably blend with the new age. Fans visiting the Vatican can get lucky and take a groupie with the most important man of the Catholic Church.

Other celebrities who appear to the very good with taking selfies include Katy Perry, Beyonce and Taylor Swift, generating thousands of shares and likes almost instantly when they post on social media. 

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