5 Big iWatch Hints Apple Dropped at WWDC

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Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the IOS 8 operating system
IN PHOTO: Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the IOS 8 operating system during his keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California Reuters

At the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has introduced its upcoming features rather than releasing any of its devices. Apple's iWatch is one of those products which users are waiting for a long time. Although it didn't unveil the device, it provided hints about the technology that might be included in the wearable device.

1.      Health and HealthKit

Apple has opened up Health to third-party devices that are free to bring in from fitness bands to hospital kit to the wearable device. As per the report by Techradar, it is easy to imagine iWatch's rumored biometric sensors covering the basics for most users and third-party devices managing the most rigorous requirements of sporty types with very specific monitoring needs. Apple played it clever by putting Healthkit creating a necessity for iWatch.  

2.      Instant Hotspot, Remote Call Notifications and Handoff

Like Mac or iPhone, Apple enables the feature of doing anything with any of its devices. The Instant Hotspot can create config-free connections between Mac and iPhones that would also work in the same way with an iWatch. iWatch will be answering or initiating phone calls and then picking up on an iPhone or any other iDevice.

3.      SMS, Audio and Predictive Typing

Apple introduces iOS 8 which has a special messaging feature. It allows users to read and reply to SMS messages on iPad without inserting a SIM card. It is also possible to send inline audio in conversations and take advantage of context-aware predictive typing to make the text input simpler and easier. Apple hinted such feature will also be available in iWatch. As the device is smaller, it will be more useful in sending and replying without using an iPhone.

 4.      HomeKit

Apple's HomeKit for smart home devices works through Siri. The platform is designed to group all the home devices together and facilitate without much effort to perform according to the user's desire. This will also be possible by an iWatch, making it convenient to perform all the home devices smartly.

5.      TouchID Payments

Apple is incorporating touchID in iWatch as a means to open the fingerprint security scanner to third-party apps, which is further used to authenticate mobile payments. 

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