5 Apps that Estimate Male Organ Size

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Although measuring the size of the penis is as easy as taking a ruler or tape measure, actually doing the measuring may not be feasible particularly if that male organ is not yours.

There are many so-called methods to measure someone else's endowment and a lot of which are myth as well. Methods such as hand size, shoe size, body size, and height are in popular culture which predetermines how big a penis is. In science, one factor is genetics and it is well-known that certain races have more men with bigger endowments than others, but a few are exceptions.

Technology can now play a role in determining the length and width of a man's prized asset.

Predicktor, an app that can be downloaded from Google Play, uses a statistical system to predict a man's penis size. The app uses height, sexual orientation, and finger length then cross-references it with scientific studies to measure the approximate size of the male organ. According to Dr Chris Culligan, a Toronto-based family physician, the system is not accurate and mainly for humorous purposes. He hopes that Predicktor will dispel myths and relieves people of  penis-related anxiety and dissatisfaction.

This app is not the only one existing in Android and the others have the same idea on how to measure a penis size.

1.     Penis Size Calculator by Trustmobtech - The app promotes curiosity on how big is your boyfriend's penis size. An interactive ruler is used by this application to estimate the penis length with correlation algorithm.

2.     Penis Size Calculator by Coldcherry - This spicy app focuses on having fun and delivers sophisticated calculator to determine penis size. It also provides interesting facts and chart measure around the world about penises.

3.     Penis Size Detector by Delta 9 - This app uses a photo of the subject via camera or from the gallery then analyses it, reporting back the subject's penis size. Of course, it is not accurate and also just for laughs.

4.     Penis Exercises by Preaky - After knowing the results from any of the above applications above, a man might want to try performance improvement through better erection rather than relying on size itself. This app brings out simple exercises for the penis on how help it improve erection and blood circulation to the sex organ.

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