4 Wrong Things with Apple iOS 7.1: What Users Need to Be Careful Of?

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According to recent reports, iOS 7.1 already found its way to more than 21 per cent of iPads and iPhones. This makes the adoption rate for the update one of the fast changeovers throughout the years. However, despite the reported strict internal testing and other improvement processes, it appears users are reporting added problems to the Apple iOS 7.1 update. What went wrong? 

Battery Life 

According to the Daily Mail, even after five beta version and rigorous testing, it appears Apple has not solved battery life problems on its latest update. Some users reported experience faster battery drop compared to the iOS 7. 

Daily Mail also reported a twitter page focusing on issues related to the iOS 7.1 update. One user named @Robbie Kimpton tweeted: "iPhone has been unplugged 30 mins and already down to 92% battery'." 

Another user, Timothy Tung Nguyen said: "I think I'd have to get that juice pack that gives me double battery life." 

Bluetooth Connectivity 

Although the update is still in its early adoption, there are users complaining about its Bluetooth connectivity already. According to some, they started having problems connecting their Bluetooth devices after switching to iOS 7.1. 

This can be a big issue since many Apple users depend on Bluetooth devices for added functionality. Some of these devices include headsets and keyboards. Connection problems can affect overall user experience and functionality of the devices. 


The update claims that the iBeacon will provide some kind of improvement. However, some users and experts think that it may be more of a problem than a solution. Beekn reported that iOS 7.1 lets the device explore iBeacon points continuously despite closing the app. The program continues to function so long as the user turned on the Location Services. It will even continue to run despite restarting the phone. 

Mixed Reactions 

The iOS 7.1 update is different from other software updates because it offers users a sense of having a more nimble unit. Many people might not agree or be amenable with the changes made. The update promises better user experience. It can be interesting what issues or moves from Apple can come up.

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