4 Ways to 'Speed Up' Chrome Browser on Android Devices

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Google Chrome is the most widely used browser across the globe with a market share of a whopping 45.22 percent when compared to other browsers like IE and Firefox. Even though Chrome is predominantly used, the browser can sometimes be slow.

Users who are glued to Chrome browser on their Android devices can try a small tweak to amplify the browsing speed. The speed boost can be achieved by changing the "memory allocation."

Here are the steps explained by a Reddit user named, "erythrocytes64" (via Wired):

1.   Open a new Chrome browser tab.

2.   Type down - "chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area."

3.   When a menu box pops out, select "512″ instead of the default "128" from the list. Note: "512 MB" is the maximum amount of memory a user can allocate to Chrome browser. Older models of Android devices could limit the choice to 256 instead of 512.

4.   Tap the "Relaunch now" button to restart the Chrome browser. Overall speed boost from scrolling to navigation will be immediately perceptible.

Note: After making this change, users should observe an increase in RAM usage, but it is a small sacrifice to get the staggering speed boost.

Other Experimental Tweaks

The same Reddit user "erythrocytes64" (Via Life hacker) offers few other tips and tricks that can also be tried out on Android devices.

1.   "chrome://flags/#enable-offline-mode" - this allows users to access pages stored in cache without connecting to Internet.

2.    "chrome://flags/#enable-new-ntp" - this changes the look of the tabs. The browser looks simplified and uncluttered with only the required widgets around.

3.     "chrome://flags/#enable-cast" - this is in beta form enabling experimental Chromecast support. Upon enabling this, users get to control videos from the Web on Chromecast devices.

Note: Upon enabling the "show-fps-counter" option with the help of this link - ("chrome://flags/#enable-cast"), users can verify if they are getting the performance boost on their Android devices after enabling the tweaks. The whole thread with useful and experimental tricks can be checked out from Reddit.

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