4 Ways iPhone 6 on 2014 Release Date Will Beat Rival Android, Windows Flagships

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The iPhone 6 on its release date this 2014 is certainly assured of topping the global sales chart but what exactly will make the iPhone 5S successor a compelling buy for consumers and a gadget blockbuster in the process?

For one, the Apple gene that the next iPhone will naturally show off is quite a boost for a device that is said to reflect the biggest upgrade of the smartphone since the first version was first rolled out in June 2007.

Experts have been expecting a different form-factor from the last two iPhone models plus the accompanying killer features, and the expectation is they should exceed the 5S serving.

And surely speculations are not in short supply to convince that the iPhone 6 is again a slayer in the making - disposing off the hero phones that Android and Windows device makers have lined up for this year.

So from the overloads of iPhone 6 reports and rumours so far, here are the four ways that Apple will or could once again rake in the big money by the end of 2014 or even beyond:

Widgets on the iPhone 6, thanks to iOS 8

This week, the 2014 WWDC will kick off and it is already given that Apple will unveil the new mobile platform, the iOS 8, that will bring its 2014 iDevices to life. The jump will not be as dramatic as the iOS 7 was in 2013 but Apple fan Jay Machalani is hoping that his wish will be granted this year - iPhone widgets.

In his iOS 8 concept that The Verge has published, Machalani proposed the likelihood of an iOS Block that are meant to give users easy access on applications and the services and data attached to them. The render will be a cross between the Android widgets and the Windows Live Tiles.

Mobile shopping made easy via iWallet

In May, analysts excitedly shared the possibility of NFC-powered mobile payment service with the iPhone 6 and 2014 iPads. According to 9to5Mac, this happening gained further traction as Apple is reportedly negotiating deals with partners that when finalised will allow iPhone users to buy upscale goods with the device acting as their iWallet.

Again all eyes are on the 2014 WWDC where the specific iWallet details could be revealed. Per 9to5Mac, the core benefit of the service is for iPhone users to shop around without reaching for their purse.

Hot Apple audio accessories

Apple recently announced its $3 billion takeover of Beats Electronics and Beats Music streaming service. According to BGR, one of the main reasons the tech giant pursued the deal, however pricey it is, is to get its hands on the popular Beats audio accessories, the headphones particularly.

Nearly five out of 10 U.S teens prefer the Beats-branded headphones over available alternatives to go with their iPhones, iPads and iPods for their listening pleasure, said the same report, and apparently to Apple the numbers indicate of sure-fire sales growth over the long-haul.

Pretty but not pricey

That the iPhone 6 unpacked is beauty and beastly at the same time is not new. To be sure, the device will be a hot item on its design and functions alone but a new report, according to Business Insider, could make the next iPhone a lot hotter.

While hugely popular, the iPhone is set to capture only around 15 per cent of the global smartphone market. The rest will be consumed entirely by Android devices that IDC said are for the taking, with impressive specs and features to boot, for as low as $200. In comparison, the average iPhone sticker price is no lower than $600, which explains the wide and still widening gap between the two systems.

The pressure, therefore, is for Apple to dangle a more reasonable pricing for the iPhone 6, that is if it plans to lure millions more of Android converts, which should translate to billions of dollars in fresh revenues.

The iPhone 6 release date is rumoured for September 2014, which is for the 4.7-inch model as the 5.5-inch build, billed as the first Apple phablet, is not expected to come out until the onset of the year's holiday season.

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