4 'Pokemon X and Y' Tips and Tricks for Fast Money, Catching Pokemon Z, Rumoured Rare Monochrome and How to Get All Mega Evolutions

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[UPDATE: More news for Pokemon X and Y, including a new Pikachu game and the Nuzlocke Challenge.]

For those who have been playing the "Pokemon X and Y" for days now, it's most likely that you're already at the last stages of the game or aiming to explore all the other regions.

This time, check out these tips and tricks involving getting fast money (for when you want to let your avatar splurge to look great), catching the rare Pokemon Zygarde, getting all the Mega Evolutions and news hinting at the existence of the rumoured Monochrome Pokemon.

Getting All Mega Evolutions

There are 26 "Pokemon X and Y" Mega Evolutions, and each a particular step that you can use to catch them. You first need to have the Mega Ring, as well as let the Pokemon possess its Mega Stone that's right for its type. These conditions can allow you to battle and trigger the Pokemon's Mega Evolution.

"Pokemon X and Y" Mega Evolutions Mewtwo (Credit: pokemonxy.com)

For instance, in the case of Mega Venusaur, you have more luck going with Bulbasaur as a second starter because, then, the Venusaurite already has the Mega Stone. But if not, you can drop by Vernal Avenue Stone Emporium in Lumiose City to get it.

Mega Gengar's stone, the Gengarite, will be in Laverre City. The Aerodactylite stone will be in Ambrette Town for you to get the Mega Aerodactyl.

Geek lists down all the locations and Mega Stone types for each Mega Evolution found in "Pokemon X and Y," so be sure to try and catch them all.

On Catching Zygarde

Yes, there is a third legendary Pokemon following Xerneas and Yveltal. Called Zygarde, the third Pokemon is harder to catch as it is on a higher level of fighting, but getting it is quite an achievement.

You will find Zygarde in Terminus Cave. You will get there by going to Couriway town and going by Route 18. The cave is pretty complicated, but it also yields more than just the Zygarde--there are also quite a few items that you can pick up.

Just Push Start details the long walk through the cave and advises that you save your game once you come face to face with Zygarde. Also, keep in mind that it has four deadly moves, namely Dragon Pulse, Camouflage, Crunch and Earthquake.

One tip when fighting Zygarde is to have a Pokemon paralyse him and then push down his health to the red level before using the False Swipe to drain Zygarde down to just 1HP.

Make Quick Cash Easy

Having cash can go a long way in "Pokemon X and Y." You can either use it for your Pokemon or use them to dress up your avatar back at Lumiose City.

If you want to spend more time enjoying the sights and becoming quite a sight with your avatar, here are two quick guides to getting quick cash in-game.

Segment Next reports that you can use the Amulet Coin to earn a big loot for fights. Your Pokemon needs to be holding on to the Amulet Coin as it fights in a battle, so that the prize money will be doubled during that fight. Go by Parfum Palace on Route #6 to get the Amulet Coin.

Another tactic is to drop by the Le WOW Restaurant. But here, you will need to have at least $100,000 as pocket money as well as the Luck Incense and Amulet Coin. The $100,000 will be for the meal in the restaurant. Once there, you can enter the Double Battle Mode. Make sure that your Pokemon has the Amulet Coin or the Luck Incense.

Participating in the battle gives you the Ultra Rare BalmMushrooms, which can be sold at Poke Marts for $130,000. There will be an 8-minute interval per battle, but you can easily keep repeating this process to get earn as much as you want.

Interesting Rare 'Pokemon X and Y' Rumour: The Rare Monochrome

A leaked image over at Gamnesia has been sighted depicting the Monochrome Pokemon, which is said to be an extremely rare Pokemon. According to the report, this is supposed to be rarer than the Shiny Pokemons, though the possibility of a glitch is not yet dismissed.

On forums, there has been speculation that the Rare Monochrome can be a texture glitch, while others are expressing their interest in finding it, if the Monochrome Pokemon does exist. Have you encountered this Pokemon?

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