4 New Reasons Why the Motorola X-Phone Release Date is Worth the Wait

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Reports have been generous regarding the rumoured Motorola X-Phone, that Android fans will get the best handset so far in aspects of hardware and software might plus reasonable pricing come its August 2013 release date.

The most awaited features, however, of the smartphone are the top-notch components that Google and Motorola will deploy with the device and Key Lime Pie, the latest Android edition that is whispered for unveiling on late May.

Beyond these offerings though, a new report from Android & Me highlighted four key features that would make the X-Phone one of the 'must-have' gadgets in 2013.

Closer integration with Chrome

Arguably, Chrome tops the list as the dominant browser both inn mobile and desktop setting and for this Google technology to become an integral part of the X-Phone is a welcome development, especially for the hardcore Android users.

Praised for its lean form and great functionality, Chrome has become the default browser of choice for millions of Android handset user. With indications that the app will be deeply embedded with the X-Phone, the device jumped into another level of stability and likability, experts said.

Always-on voice command

Siri was warmly accepted and Google Now further improved on its success, which paved the way for Samsung's own PDA flavour - S-Voice. Motorola, according to Android & Me is raising the bar a bit higher by programming the X-Phone with a Listening Mode that is eternally available.

This feature will not need any form of command prompt to launch into action. Once configured to users' preference, it will perform as asked even coming from a very deep sleep mode. It appears that the only thing that prevents this X-Phone function is a dead battery.

A really Smart X-Phone

Reports also suggest that Motorola is including a predictive intelligence chip into its upcoming flagship. That would mean the phone would attempt to predict what users would want to do and offer help in the process.

This is voice command extended to the max but experts do not expect the feature to mature easily. That reads this way: Don't be surprised by this artificial intelligence come-on, that is if it ever makes its way to the first X-Phone try by Motorola, failing and disappointing a number of times.

Best personalisation option ever

Earlier reports have hinted that the Motorola X-Phone release date will be characterised by a galore of customisation options for buyers. To start off, the handset will retail in as many as 20 colour variants, the widest so far for a major flagship.

Note that Samsung has previously sold its top-notch smartphones in a rainbow of choices while Apple will reportedly follow suit by encasing the iPhone 5S and its budget version in shells other than the usual black and white. In essence, Motorola and Google is simply adopting on the winning formula already chewed in by the current giants.

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