4 More PS4 Problems and Fixes: PS4 Error Codes, Hard Drive Set-up, Endless Installation Loop and Ejecting Discs

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A major problem for the PS4 that has greeted it upon launch would be a bricked console or the new Blinking Blue Light, both of which have either been fixed with the troubleshooting guide.

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However, some PS4 gamers have still encountered a number of problems and issues when playing with the PS4, but subsequently, the PlayStation support site has found a number of fixes to ensure maximum experience for those who are able to play games on Sony's next-gen console.

Ejecting discs from the PS4

One of the more encountered and popular PS4 problems would be the trouble of ejecting discs from the PS4 console.

According to GameZone, Sony has not yet identified the cause of this problem, which means a permanent fix is not yet available.

In the PlayStation Support site, you are first asked to know which kind of title you are trying to eject, if you have installed any game data at the time of the issue, if you see any notifications before the problem came, and if you have already attempted to troubleshoot the PS4 console.

In addition, those who want to get a stuck disc out of the console, Sony has a step-by-step picture manual to show you the steps, but this takes more than just your usual button-pressing to eject. You'll be needing a Phillips-head screwdriver to pop open the PS4 console.

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Encountering an endless "Installing Application" loop

Digital upgrade has been allowed for games that have been released earlier for current-gen consoles. And according to some gamers via the PlayStation support forum thread, it's not impossible to encounter the endless application loop error.

Some of the games that have already been listed to be vulnerable to this kind of error include "Battlefield 4," "Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag" and "Call of Duty: Ghosts."

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Basically, you need to have your PS3 disc inserted and run in your PS4 console in order to upgrade to the PS4 digital version. Otherwise, it's a no-go.

PS4 hard drive issues

There has been a fair mention of the PS4 hard drive, each with a different kind of issue encountered by different players. Sony has also provided some step-by-step guides and illustrations in order to better understand how to deal with the situation.

You can check the seating of the hard drive in the PS4 console, and you can do this by opening the top of the PS4. Sony has already assured that the warranty will not become void for doing this.

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First, you need to turn the PS4 completely off, meaning there should not be an orange light on the power indicator. If there is, you need to exit the standby mode. Next, you have to unplug the AC power cord followed by disconnecting the cables from the PS4 system. You are also advised to remove the plug from the AC power cord from the electrical outlet and even detach the other cables. After this, you can now slide off the HDD bay cover.

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A secured hard drive will sit properly in the PS4, but a loose one may be the root of some of the problems that you are experiencing with the PS4. The guide in the PlayStation Support site thread also states that the PlayStation screw will have the symbols of the controller buttons. You have to check if the HDD is missing any of the screws, you can contact Sony for support.

In some cases, the disc may not be recognized once a game crashes. As per Sony, you can try deleting the game app data and reinstalling it or deleting a corrupted save data.

Cannot launch an application on the PS4

If this kind of issue appears when you're using the PS4, you may be encountering one of the error codes, CE-32958-7, where you cannot launch application.

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Usually this happens when the application has not been updated with the latest patch. Just recently, the PS4 has the 1.51 firmware already out, so you need to download this update.

In the support site, there is a simple 4-step guide with this error code:

1.    Start the system update download.

2.    Go out to the main screen and then go into Notifications.

3.    Go to the "downloading" section of Notifications.

4.    You'll see your download there. As soon as it stops, click on it there and it will resume from where it left off.

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