4 Likely Killer Features of iPhone 6 on Release Date: Self-Healing Display, Quick-Charging Battery, 5G Wi-Fi & Remote User-Control

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The iPhone 6 on release date is a sure-fire winner, thanks mostly to the new killer features that the powerful device is expected to deliver later this 2014.

From the latest Apple patents and wishlist penned by keen iOS watchers, the innovative capabilities below paint the next iPhone 6 as a blockbuster smartphone in the making, likely trumping the Galaxy S5 and other flagship rivals that are set to come out in the months ahead.

Near-perfect and self-healing tech display

For many, it is almost certain that Apple will ditch the 4-inch iPhone 5S screen size in favour of a bigger and wider display. However, a new patent from the tech giant titled 'Systems and Methods for Preventing Light Guide Plate Scratching Artifacts' seems to suggest that what really is exciting about the iPhone 6 display panel technology is the possibility of erasing the deficiencies seen in previous models.

According to Patently Apple, the next iPhone might be sporting a screen layer protection that is self-healing. Potentially, the iPhone 6 will boast of the most gorgeous display rendering ever in a mobile device, added the Apple-centric site.

If true, such feature will work in tandem with the Quantum Dot display technology, which is rumoured to replace Retina panel that will allow the iPhone 6 to flash sharper colour and brightness renditions.

Rapid-charging bat plus longer operating hours

Forbes contributor Antony Leather envisions the iPhones 6 as a smashing success compared to the earlier iterations but he stressed that Apple needs to pack the gadget with key features that will leave the competition eating dust.

One of these, Leather said, is a battery pack that lasts longer than before but the feature that should bring the house down is an energy source that replenishes the juice very quick. For sure, millions of iPhone fans would be willing to take home a gizmo that keeps humming in extended hours and is ready to wonder again after less than two hours of charging up.

Wireless charging, as suggested in numerous rumours, of course, would be a welcome bonus for would-be iPhone 6 buyers.

Superfast 5G Wi-Fi connectivity

LTE is nearly pervasive but the cost of getting it is mostly expensive. The next best thing, according to Leather, is a Wi-Fi signal with break-neck speed - 5G Wi-Fi or 802.11ac. Should Apple oblige, iPhone 6 users can easily stream or download HD movies in record time - likely in matter of minutes even for a 1GB film title.

With a 5G Wi-Fi chip too sitting inside of the next iPhone, accessing the cloud is a breeze, making mobile computing much truer than before.

Remote input control

Finally, the iPhone 6 is a killer device if users can manipulate it by physical interaction or gestures even from a distance. Such concept, according to Apple Insider, is not too far-fetched, basing on the new Apple patent called 'Computer User Interface System and Methods'.

The basic theory behind the invention is: the upcoming iPhone is governed by a dynamic interface that accurately reacts or responds to gestures and movements. "The system described in Apple's patent filing would allow users to easily read and control a device from either up close or afar, dynamically adapting to the person's distance," said Apple Insider on its report.

The device interface would intuitively adjust as it interprets real-time data about a user's motion and location, Apple said on its patent filing.

Note, however, that the features mentioned above are not certain to be packed with the iPhone 6, the release date of which is speculated to happen between June and September 2014.

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