4 Likely iPhone 6 Features on 2014 Release Date as Hinted by Possible iWatch Specs

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The final iPhone 6 specs and features on release date this 2014 could be best implied by a rumoured Apple device that ironically is yet to get a confirmation.

The narrative surrounding the iWatch, touted as the tech giant's first iOS wearable device, so far presents the timepiece as an iPhone or iPad companion tool that will also deliver standalone features with emphasis on Internet-connected and healthy lifestyle.

To date, nothing is written in stone as when the iWatch will actually materialise but really what excites keen Apple watchers are the cutting-edge specs that the kit will deliver. Because most likely they will be prominently featured too in time for the iPhone 6 unwrapping later in the year.

Apple Insider has identified four new technologies that in all likelihood will be packed with the upcoming Apple smartwatch and in the process could debut too just in time for the next iPhone launch. Read below to find out:

Mammoth chip investments

Since the iWatch rumours started swirling, Apple has reportedly made investment decisions involving semiconductors that now amount to over $1 billion. The staggering figures signal that the iPhone maker is hell-bent in unpacking the best technology it could muster with its initial wearable device offering.

And it's logical too that the semiconductor technologies that Apple has acquired in recent years will also make their way to the 2014 iPhone models - the core benefit of which is to equip the handset with powerful but energy-efficient features, said Apple Insider on its report.


This metallic glass material is described as nearly indestructible but equally flexible. If used in manufacturing the iWatch or the iPhone 6, Apple fans expect any of the devices to have slim, light and robust body-build.

The flexibility factor would also allow engineers to design radical forms for the devices, making Liquidmetal very ideal for super-thin but durable gadgets that the iWatch or the iPhone 6 has been envisioned so far.

Sapphire coating

Sapphire is used to protect the face of luxury watches against scratches and the material is already present in the iPhone supply chain - as covering for the smartphone's Touch ID fingerprint reader and camera lens.

Analysts are predicting that in the iWatch and the iPhone 6, Apple will deploy the same coating material to fully blanket the devices and perpetuate their fresh looks as long as possible.

OLED or Micro-LED display?

Lately, Apple has been reported to be mulling on the possibility of producing iOS devices with OLED or Micro-LED display panels. Both technologies are known to deliver optimum screen device brightness while not putting too much pressure on the battery. No doubt, any of the two is a good fit for the iWatch and the iPhone 6.

Another plus going for OLED and Micro-LED is bendability, which could pave the way for an all-glass iWatch, its screen partly extending to the straps, and an iPhone 6 with curved display that allows for optimal viewing in multiple angles.

The materials will also permit designers to encase the watch and phone into very slim shells.

Now it remains to be seen if these welcome features will see the light of the day in time for the iPhone 6 release date, predicted to happen starting on Sept 2104, or the iWatch, the countdown for which starts to tick in Q1 2015.

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