4 Google Chrome Extensions to Improve Browser Performance And User Productivity – Available as Free Downloads

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Google Chrome is the widely used Web browser in the world. In March 2014, Chrome has a market share of 37.2 percent as compared to its nearest rival Internet Explorer, which trails Chrome by a whopping 18.9 percent, according to stats from W3counter.

Chrome's simplified and uncluttered user interface makes it one of the best browsers. The popularity of this browser does not stop with its apperance. It extends to its performance and the much touted browser security.

Also, Chrome is a versatile browser which makes the mobile devices synchronization seamless. There are many extensions and plug-ins available for this browser. Many of them are available as free downloads. Some of the extensions improve the browser performance and also the speed to a great extent.

Here is a list of such extensions (free) to improve browser performance:

Great Suspender

This is one of the most effective and killer extensions. For the users who are running umpteen tabs all the time, here is a solution to manage the tabs effectively. This extension helps the user control the browser tabs usage by suspending a bunch of unused tabs in the browser. Although users will see the page titles on the tabs, the tabs will be offed temporarily. Tabs can also be autosuspended after a stipulated period. As a groundwork, tabs can be white-listed to avoid automatic suspension. Also, the suspended tabs are retained after closing and reopening the browser, preventing many tabs from reloading together after a restart. This extension reduces the processor burden by bringing down the demand on the browser.

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Adblock Plus

The displayed advertisements on the browsers are not annoying, they are also performance killers. These are where Adblock Plus extension comes handy. Upon getting this extension, users can block all types of advertisements. There is also an option to block only specific type of advertisements like "Banner Ads," "Pop-ups" depending on the individual requirement.

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Ginger is a widely used spelling and grammar checker extension for Chrome. This extension does not merely correct the spelling and grammar as it is. Instead, it understands the context of the typed sentences and corrects the spelling and grammar accordingly. Ginger, dubbed as a proofreader, corrects 30 types of grammatical errors. It has simple and efficient user interface that allows users to correct multiple mistakes with one click.

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Synata is a Web-based search engine tool that connects users to their cloud software. This extension is mostly used by businesses and organizations. Its makes it easy for quicker retrieval of files, emails, contacts, appointments and many irrespective of where they are stored. This tool can search across Box, Dropbox, Gmail and Google App accounts from one spot and give the results almost immediately.

According to Culture mob, this extension is best used to look for ERP data, emails, files, events, wikis, contacts and chats, among many others. Synata helps the user to be more organized and saves time.

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