4 Coolest Things to Expect From Android L

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Google came after Apple showcasing its upcoming offerings during its I/O conference. During this time, the company discussed the Android L which may also extend to other offerings like Android TV, Android Wear and Android TV. 

According to Google, the company's focus will be to provide a seamless ecosystem that will enable better user experience. According to the company's blog: 

"At Google, our focus is providing a seamless experience for users across all of the screens in their lives. An important component to that is making sure that you as developers have all of the tools necessary to easily deploy your apps across to those screens. Increasingly, Android is becoming the fabric that weaves these experiences together, which is why you'll be excited about a number of things we unveiled today."

This is the first time the company will be providing an early access to developers. According to the company, the goal is to let developers explore as many possibilities as possible allowing developers to test and evaluate the upcoming Android version. Along with these, Android offers a series of interesting features that users may find worthwhile:

  • Mutil-screen World Material Design - The material design offers a more comprehensive approach to design interaction, motion and visual through different platforms. It will be the standard on how developers should design their apps especially across different platforms. The feature is flexible allowing coders to differentiate their programs better.
  • New lockscreen - the lockscreen will allow people to browse over updates, content and actions providing an overview without needing to unlock. There will be visibility controls provided to help people manage their information better.
  • Document-centric Recents - People can now arrange their applications depending on their tasks. More importantly, the platform can also display them as "individual docuemtns." Users can also flip through the apps.
  • Project Volta - New APIs and tools will be introduced that will allow users to run the device efficiently while also saving power. There will also be a Battery Historian tool that will allow the user to see power events for a period. This will provide an insight on how the device uses the battery.
  • BLE Peripheral Mode - this stands for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) peripheral mode. The feature lets app broadcast their presence to devices close by. For instance, people can create apps that will allow devices to work as a health monitor or pedometer.

The features should find their way to Android devices soon when Google releases the official firmware. 

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