3D Phones: 'The Next Gen Phones'

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The 3D technology has been popularly introduced in all categories. In 2011, many companies focused on 3D photography and gaming utilities. Currently, there are reports for the new wave 3D vision ranging from gestures and navigation to a 3D interface effect.

Google will be bringing in Project Tango that has 3D mapping and sensing capabilities on the annual I/O developer conference on June 25. Amazon reportedly will be designing a smartphone with an interface that moves when the phone creates a 3D effect on the screen, which is rumored to roll out on June 18 event. Microsoft has apparently inherited Nokia's "McLaren" R&D.

Microsoft is also reported to be working on a 3D Windows phone that would work like the Microsoft Kinect gaming system for Xbox. It will probably provide a new technology as a navigational aid that taps into physical motions as the finger does not touch the screen.

The Verge reported the technology in the upcoming device is the sensors around the device that could identify that the user is not in motion and temporarily the screen is locked so that the contents of the phone does not move around.

Sliding the finger on the phone's spine might zoom in and out and could also let the walking digits scroll page up and down in the browser with the help of context awareness and manage the volume when on call. The call gets disconnecting by flipping the phone over or pocketing and by waving the hand over the screen could remove the notifications.

The WP central also said the device could feature an interface element called MixView, which pops up options like headline stories by moving a finger over the Start screen.

It's been quite some time since smartphone makers have worked with gestures. They can be confusing sometimes but the 3D touch program would definitely make some of the actions on the phone simple or streamlines it by off-buttons.

The handset which is gesture-oriented to complete a task has to ensure that the gesture is not random. If not, then some motions might take longer to complete. It is very important for Microsoft to have the right 3D touch to have an edge over Android and iOS.

The upcoming Amazon phone highlights its 3D, which could also refer to the way an interface looks and responds. It will also feature 3D wallpapers, mapping and shopping under the Amazon's gargantuan shopping portal. The skin of the device would also be designed into the OS from the get-go and pull in far greater detail and functionality.

The Google's Project Tango has put in efforts to include the 3D tracking and computer vision into mobile phones and tablets. It has a 120-degree wide angle camera, motion tracking camera and depth sensor, which together will lead to all sorts of applications for 3D mapping, indoor modeling and augmented reality. Google said the sensors make a quarter million 3D measurements every second.

The 3D effect is making a comeback. As CNET reported, for Amazon, Microsoft and Google translating "3D" into the 3D phone or tablet is a step toward turning mobile devices into more potent and indispensable tools.

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