32-year-old Corpse Found Preserved in Ice in Mont Blanc

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The body of mountaineer Patrice Hyvert was found preserved in ice in Mont Blanc after 32 years of being missing.

Hyvert was lost since March 1, 1982 when he climbed the western side of the "Aiguille Verte" mountain of Mont Blanc alone. By afternoon, bad weather had devastated the region. Rescuers were able to save another climber at that time but Hyvert was never found.

And now, 32 years after, two mountaineers made the shocking discovery of Hyvert's body preserved in ice, according to local media reports.

The body was identified to be that of Hyvert's because his identity card was also preserved inside his wallet.

Gerard Hyvert, father of the climber, was shocked at first upon hearing the news. But as it came upon him, he was relieved thinking that his son was 'buried' in a place he loves dearly.

"I'm a mountain man, and I would have preferred him to stay up there. He was better on a mountain than in a coffin. He was in his element," the father told a local radio station.

Mont Blanc is becoming infamous for its dangerous terrain. Deaths happened yearly and corpses are only discovered when the ice melts.

Still, Europe's tallest mountain sees approximately 20,000 people trying to reach its peak yearly.  Hence, rescuers attend to 100 calls yearly.

While 80 per cent of those asking to be rescued were not prepared to take the challenging climb, some were just abusing rescue services, Mayor Jean-Marc Peillex told Express.uk.

Just recently, rescuers refused to take a man who just "didn't want to walk all the way down." The man kept calling rescue service for two days but to no avail. He then decided to pay a local guide to walk with him down the mountain.

"Is the mountain rescue service going to have to get a taxi licence?. The demands of these ad-hoc Alpinists are like those of urban consumers who want security and services everywhere. Going up Mont Blanc is a matter for Alpinists in a natural setting which has its own laws," Peillex explained why they refuse to heed the call from the man.

Peilex said that a fee shall be imposed upon abusive, lazy and unprepared climbers before being rescued.

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