$300 iPhone 6 on Release Date Will Sell Fast Due to 4 Key Feature Upgrades – Reports

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Sales of the iPhone 6 on release date will easily skyrocket, a new survey said, despite indications that the 5.5-inch phablet-size model will carry a $100 premium from the previous price point.

Serving as the biggest lure of the next iPhone, which is predicted to come out in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch builds, is its upgraded screen size, said the study from RBC Capital Markets. The iPhone 5S was issued in 2013 with a 4-inch screen profile.

It appears now that based on the 4000 consumers queried by RBC, Apple's upsize move for its flagship smartphone will translate to the iPhone flying off the shelves following its rollout.

According to Apple Insider, up to 35 per cent of phone shoppers that previously were not planning to get the iPhone this 2014 will readily go for a buy - that is if the iPhone 6 will hit the market a jumbo edition.

This is on top the projected mobile device consumers that likely will upgrade their gadgets in the next three months, said BGR, pointing to the same RBC data. At least five out of 10 buyers will take home a new iPhone within the same period, added the report.

And it is noteworthy that the following feature upgrades, according to RBS, are emerging as the biggest selling point of the iPhone 6 once it becomes available:

Supersized display panel

The talk of the town is the next iPhone will be bigger than the 5S and two variants will be up for grabs. With the upgrade, however, analysts are forecasting that Apple will implement a price hike, specifically for the 5.5-inch model.

No matter, RBC is convinced that a $300 iPhone 6 phablet will be an immediate epic hit as 26 per cent of consumers have expressed willingness to pay extra $100 to toy around with an iPhone that boasts of a bigger and wider screen plus a form-factor that is vastly different from the earlier iterations.

Mightier, faster A8 chip

From A7 in the iPhone 5S, it is assumed that the iPhone 6 will rely on a 64-bit A8 processor that packs more muscle and speed. The jump, RBC said, will attract 18 per cent more of likely buyers who are looking forward to own an iPhone and experience how the A8 and iOS 8 tandem will highlight the handset's incredible capabilities.

Killer camera

Although nothing is definite at this stage on the actual camera improvements, hardware and software, that are stuffed with the iPhone 6, 12 per cent of would-be buyers have professed their love for a new iPhone camera treatment that will upstage its predecessors.

Battery enhancement

Next to its hulking screen and sexy build, the iPhone 6 is a cash draw for Apple on the account of its better performing and longer-lasting battery, according to the RBC report. If rumours are to be believed, the 5S sequel will deliver more power juice in a single charge mostly thanks to the energy efficient A8 chip, iOS 8 and higher battery rating.

If these upgrades are true, then the tech giant can count on some 33 per cent of consumers to scoop the new iPhone.

Release date of the two iPhone 6 models is said to be a simultaneous even for September 2014 as reports surfaced this week that mass production of the devices will begin in July.

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