3 'Unlikeliest' Places For Any Traveler To Visit

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This may be the worst travel list ever as you will be notified about some splendid places on earth and warned that you cannot probably visit these places. Huffington Post lists top-secret tourist places which are tropical, abandoned and mysterious. Here are the top three places.

White's Gentlemen's Club (London)

This is arguably the most fashionable clubhouse on earth. The list of members includes Prince Charles who had his bachelor party in this clubhouse before he got married to Princess Diana. The membership is open to males only. It has a restaurant, a bar and billiard room. The posh clubhouse is widely known for betting habits of the elite members. A book reads Lord Alvanley put 3,000 pounds on stake in 1816 as he claimed that a certain raindrop would fall before another raindrop at the window. If you still believe you can visit this place, all the best!

Poveglia (Italy)

Known as the 'Shutter Island' in real life, this island used to be a mental hospital until 1968. According to legends, a doctor used to butcher on a regular basis here. The doctor was later thrown off the bell tower of the island to death. More than 160,000 people got killed here while they were sent to the island, which was used as a quarantine during the Bubonic Plague and Black Death epidemics.

North Sentinel Island (Andaman Islands)

The Andaman, the beautiful Indian group of islands, is often visited by tourists but not this island. There is a reason this island has been restricted by the government for tourists. There is a tribe consisting of 50-400 people living in this island. The Sentinelese tribe is believed to be residing in the island for about 60,000 years. There is hardly any other tribe so isolated as the Sentinelese. The last time when the Sentinelese had an encounter with the outside world, they killed a couple of illegal fishermen in 2006. Watch the video HERE as the Indian government officials tried to help the tribe with gifts like mirrors, plastic buckets and rubber balls.

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