3 Top iPhone 6 Killer Features to Expect, Stylus, Power Management and Health Monitoring System

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Apple's iPhone 6 will be hitting the market around fall. Despite months away from the official release, reports lined up detailing what people can expect from the flagship phone. According to recent reports, Apple will be packing more features on the device more than any of its existing models. The company has been on a roll acquiring different types of patents each promising a revolutionary device. Can Apple deliver? 

New Stylus 

Ever heard or used Samsung's TouchWiz? It appears Apple has been looking into the use of a new intelligent and sensor-embeded stylus. According to a report by Apple Insider, the sensor-laden stylus can draw lines and shapes with different widths. Depending on the length of the nib, users gain different types of drawing functions with the stylus. The stylus features an extendable "nib" that works together with the multi-touch display. 

According to the patent published, the technology is described as the "input device having external nib." The nib offers a range of configurations. According to the document under the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the technology also features on-board sensors that can detect light and motion to sample real-world colors. 

New Power Management System 

Upcoming iPhone owners may now have longer battery life because of a new power management system patented under Apple. According to the patent, the system can learn the habits of the user and align the device's performance for better user experience. The device works with the usage pattern of the owner to predict how best to conserve battery life and adjust overall computing performance. 

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the patent goes by "Inferring User Intent From Battery Usage Level and Charging Trends." The patent discusses a technology that can monitor the battery's charge and discharge cycles. The device can then predict what the user is likely to do. The predictions help the device adjust different parameters of the device like CPU clock speed and screen brightness for optimal use. 

Health Monitoring System 

Similar to Samsung Galaxy  S5's heart monitoring system, the iPhone 6 may come with similar features. According to recent reports, the iPhone may feature sensors that can monitor the conditions of its owners. The Register reported: 

"The addition of sensors tallies with a recent leak which showed Apple was developing a health monitoring system and an app called HealthBook." 

"The rumoured iWatch would probably work with this app to help [users] monitor their fitness levels and chart day to day exercise." 

Paste Magazine also noted that the HealthBook can track the user's weight, blood pressure, sugar and other fitness data points under iOS 8. 

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