3 Solid Proofs Apple iPhone 6 Release Date is Set Earlier on September 12 2014

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iPhone 6 Concept Image by Dani Yako
iPhone 6 Concept Image by Dani Yako Dani Yako via Concept-Phones

The supposed iPhone 6 release date on September 19 2014 is largely based on unconfirmed reports but a mix of fresh claims and indicators that came out this week seem to advance the device's debut seven days earlier - September 12, which is a Friday.

Apple CEO Tim Cook release pattern

While other publications offered iPhone 6 release schedules that stand on weak grounds, Business Insider thought it wise that predicting the next iPhone's market entry is likely in sync with Apple's immediate history - or the pattern that was used when the last two iPhones were introduced.

Traditionally, Apple unpacks its new iPhone on a Friday so if the debut target is September then all Fridays in the month are suspects. But Business Insider insists on its report that September 12 is the strongest candidate.

The iPhone 5S and 5C last year was unboxed September 20 or 102 days after iOS 7 was first unveiled, said the same report, noting as well that two days prior, the Apple mobile OS was pushed out to the public. It was the same case for the iPhone 5 rollout in 2012, which seemingly is a release pattern that Apple follows under the watch of company CEO Tim Cook.

Now it is more likely that Cook will implement the same model for the iPhone 6 and since iOS 8 was uncloaked by Apple at the 2014 WWDC last June 2, the software's ETA should be on September 10, which in turn positions the next iPhone to become available on September 12 - all based on the calculation courtesy of Business Insider.

The need to close FY 2014 with a bang and start FY 2015 with fireworks

This week, Apple revealed its June 2014 quarter results and the numbers are whopping - the iPhone maker scooped up three-month revenue of $37.4 billion while clearing a profit that amounts to $7.7 billion in the same quarter.

The figures are definitely solid but according to 9to5Mac, Apple's total iPhones sales in the quarter actually retreated from 43.7 million in March to 35.2 million last month. Analysts expect the same trend to continue on by the end of September but Apple can actually boost its sales by rushing the iPhone 6 to store shelves early in the month or if possible by late August.

Should that be the case, Apple will have more than two or three weeks to chalk up sterling sales numbers, which would allow the company to end September big time and begin a new financial year on fresh legs to easily climb the charts. Numerous analysts are forecasting that the iPhone 6 will count some 60 million of total sales by the end of December 2014 but Apple appears more buoyant as the company reportedly looks to ship out maximum of 80 million of iPhone 6 units before moving to a new chapter on 2015.

Raring to upgrade

It is projected that the biggest lift for the iPhone 6 will be current iPhone owners that use the iPhone 5 and earlier models and the total number is just enormous. It seems that an early September availability for the next iPhone is just the right time for these would-be upgraders, according to a new report by BGR.

Pointing to the data from UpgradeSwap, a pre-owned smartphone selling site, the same report said that trade-ins of old iPhones have been slowing down in past quarters and months, which likely indicates that Apple fans are postponing upgrade decisions even when eligibility is already in effect to wait out for the iPhone 6.

So a September 12 release date for the iPhone 6 this 2015 makes sense not only for Apple but also for its millions of fans, who are seen to readily succumb to the lure of its reported fresh form-factor and the killer features galore that the device will be stuffed with.

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