3 Simple Ways to Fix Apple's iMessage Problem

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Apple's instant messenger service, iMessage is one of the widely used services and it is very helpful as well. However, this instant messenger is known for its unreliability.

Recently, a class action lawsuit was filed against Apple over missing text messages in iMessage. The sporadic communication glitch in iMessage is quite prevalent among users across the globe.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of ways a user can fix some of the reliability issues pertaining to iMessage.

It is worth noting that, many Apple users rely solely on the iMesage service to communicate and to be in touch with their loved ones and even colleagues from work. Hence it is very important that the messaging service works the way it is supposed to.

Although there are many problems related to iMessage service, the serious problem out of all should be the interruption of communication while on the move. The interruption of communication here implies 'not being able to send or receive messages'.

In order to fix this problem, follow these simple steps.


1.    As a first step, try toggling iMessage service on or off. Navigate to Settings -> Scroll down to Messages -> Toggle iMessage service on and off. This simple and unassuming step could fix the iMessage problem. If this trick did not fix the problem; after toggling back the iMessage on, restart the phone.

2.    Even after a restart if the problem seems to persist, try to reset the network settings on the phone. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Scroll down to the bottom -> Click 'Reset' -> Click on the 'Reset Network Settings' option.

3.    Users who switched to an Android device from an iPhone can try resetting the Apple ID password to fix iMessage problem, says CNet. Navigate to Apple's web site -> Click the "reset your password" link.

Note: CNet also warns that, after resetting the password users should do not log into the account immediately.

Try to send a text message to the number 48369, from any device other than the iPhone with the following word: 'STOP.' Apple will send a text message back stating that the user has successfully unsubscribed from the iCloud account.

If all else fails, Apple is working on a fix to all the iMessage problems. It is a matter of time before the company issues a patch.

Note: iOS 8 is expected to debut in Apple's WWDC 2014 conference in San Francisco scheduled for June 2, 2014. The iOS 8 is expected to pack quite a lot of features, along with bug fixes for both iPhone and iPad. It remains to be seen though if the reliability issue of iMessage will indeed be addressed in iOS 8 or an interim patch would be issued.

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