3 Signs Apple Will Only Showcase a 4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Screen on Sept 2014 Release Date

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iPhone 6 Concept Image by Dani Yako
iPhone 6 Concept Image by Dani Yako Dani Yako via Concept-Phones

The iPhone 6 on its rumoured release date in the second half of 2014 inspires excitement on the swirling speculations that the iOS 8-powered phone screen will be upsized from 4-inch to 4.7-inch or even as high as 5.5-inch.

Yet all the hype that points to a phablet-size Apple smartphone may not lead to an actual device. For one, the iPhone maker is silent on the matter and all the talks about a supersized iPhone 6 merely stand on projections offered by analysts that in the process fuelled the jumbo iPhone rumours.

This week, however, three indicators have emerged and they appear to support the likelihood of a single iPhone launch in the next few months and it will be exclusive for the 4.7-inch model.

iPhone 6 bumper case

On September 30, device accessories maker Spigen will start shipping out cases for the next iPhone and one of them is a bumper that sells for $10.99. The offer, which is posted on Amazon, is obviously based on the assumption that the device will commence rolling out on September 19.

It is unclear if Spigen has obtained advanced information on the actual iPhone build, which according to the cover case specifications will show off a 4.7-inch screen profile.

No other screen measurement was mentioned in the advertisement, which could mean two things. One is, Apple will stick to a lone flagship instead of two for its 2014 iPhone push so there will be no 5.5-inch variant. Or the tech giant has so far been successful hiding its plans for the bigger iPhone 6 that Spigen dared not to venture into the area, not for now at least.

Leaked back cover

Courtesy of MacRumors, Apple fans are given again glimpses of the iPhone 6 rear case and the latest leaks support the rumoured specifications about the next iPhone - its likely colour finish, the port locations and the logo placement and design among them.

But the same report stressed that this back panel is for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and yes there was no mention of its supposedly bigger sibling - the 5.5-inch variant. In fact, even before this leaked images from Feld & Volk, based in Moscow, the larger iPhone is hardly the subject of leaked renders or prototypes, suggesting that the device may not materialise after all.

MacRumors noted that Feld & Volk is known to sell modified iPhones in the past that are geared for the affluent crowd, which justifies why the Russian company is able to get hold of this seemingly believable piece of information.

Awkward consumer reaction

Analysts have been insisting that Apple is already late in the exploding phablet game and the company badly needs to issue a Galaxy Note rival to stay relevant and competitive. In short, consumers want the iPhone to go big on the next iteration.

However, a YouTube clip from UrAvgConsumer, described by Business Insider as a popular online consumer advocate, seems to defy the readings from the market experts. In the over 6-minute video, youngsters were shown letting out mixed reactions when asked to handle a mock up iPhone that is bigger than the 4-inch iPhone 5S.

The bottom line of the informal survey is - smartphone users, Apple fans or not, will not necessarily be drawn on iPhone upgrades that focus on dimensions only. What counts most is the overall package, which led Business Insider to conclude that the rumoured 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will remain as it is - a rumour.

After all, analysts are also convinced that the iPhone 6 on release date will quickly fly off the shelves regardless if the screen size is 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch though the confirmation for this will only be known in the immediate days and weeks after September 19 2014.

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